Osteopenia Treatments can work. You can rebuild your bones.

Osteopenia treatments. It can be scary when you're first diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. The thought of  a "broken hip" may flash though your mind. Or maybe you know someone who developed a back hump (dowagers hump). You do not want that. But such things do not have to happen to you.

You CAN rebuild your bones. Others have done it. You can too!

In just two years time, you can make real progress in reversing  bone loss. How do I know? I did it. AND since starting this web site, I have received emails from women and men who tell me that they no longer need my free monthly newsletter. 

Why? Their latest dexa scan showed NORMAL BONE DENSITY.

Those emails leave me so happy. Because that is the whole purpose of this web site. To help you reverse your bone loss.

 What you will find here:

This web site is a bit different from other sites about Osteoporosis and Osteopenia treatments.  Most web sites, even many books, lay out 'one specific' plan for you to follow. And that plan is the same for everyone.

That is NOT the approach you will find here. Why? 

Well, let me share my  experience. By the time I was diagnosed with bone loss I had already broken my wrist ( I put my hand out to save myself when falling) And I had shattered my elbow when I slipped on  'black ice'. Believe me these experiences motivated me to do what I could to improve my bone density!

Like most patients I was prescribed exercise and a bisphosphonate drug (which I eventually stopped because of its side effects). Another prescription drug was offered but my dexa scan had not showed any improvement. I felt I needed to do some researching about Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and how to build new bone. Since I am an academic,  I began reading research studies on the topic. As a college professor my whole orientation was to 'read the research'. And because of my job I had access to published research studies ( and if there was something in an article I did not understand, I could always walk over to the science department and ask a colleague to explain things.)

One of the first things I learned is that there are many different causes of bone loss. It is not just a case of increasing age, a lack of exercise or not enough calcium. There are many, many different things that can cause of bone loss! And among those many causes I found four that fit my situation.

So I researched possible solutions to those specific causes, made some changes in my life. Slowly my bone density began to improve. (Yes, bone grows slowly.) After a few years, I was back to 'normal bone density!

I was excited. I wanted to tell everyone: Find the CAUSES of your bone loss and address these. Individualize your Osteoporosis, Osteopenia treatments to fit your particular situation. And yes, that is why I started this web site.

 Osteoporosis and Osteopenia treatments can work

I wanted to list ALL the possible causes of bone loss AND describe all the treatments I could find - at least all those that had scientific evidence for their effectiveness.

I think that you will not find another site that lists as many possible treatments for reversing bone loss as does Osteopenia3.com. Here you will find  information from Western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine,  Herbal traditions and Nutritional traditions of medicine. And every item on this site includes the scientific studies showing whether it is effective or not.

  When you  talk with your health care provider about  particular treatment  s/he will want to know if there is 'scientific evidence' for it. So, where ever possible, I have included ABSTRACTS (or links to abstracts ) of the scientific studies about the treatment. You can print these out and take them to your appointment.

Yes, you CAN rebuild your bones. I urge you to begin with to the Causes page and make a list of every cause that applies to you.  (See: Causes of Bone Loss ) Next read the treatments section (both the drug treatments and the many natural treatments). Make a list of Natural Osteopenia treatments that fit your situation.

Now some of you may just begin making some changes. Of course you will discuss things with your physician. Be sure to print out information from the scientific studies and ABSTRACTS for the things you have decided to do. Your physician has been trained to trust research results. I have included references to studies as well as copies or links to the studies themselves. You may or may not want to read those studies. But they can be of real help when talking with your health care provider.

Finally I ask you to remember that I am an academic. I care very much about your bone improvement. But I have been trained to be 'objective' when I write. It is just who I am.

 I have also been trained to present  information and allow others to draw their own conclusions. So I do not TELL you what to do. How could I do that? I am not a licensed health care provider. But your physician is.  I present the research and encourage YOU to read it and decide what you will do....with your health care provider of course.

That's it. I wish you much luck...much success. My dearest hope is that you will find this Osteopenia treatments site a key to helping your increase your bone density.

Suggestion: Begin by doing two things. Read to the Causes page and jot down every one that applies to you. Then you will know which things on the Osteopenia treatments page will best fit your situation. Oh, and do think about signing up for my free monthly Newsletter.

Good luck. You can reverse your bone loss!