Natural Osteopenia Treatments

 Natural Osteopenia Treatments can increase your bone density. Sometimes we want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and any of their side effects. Others want to supplement their prescriptions  with other, more natural ways for increasing bone density and avoiding fractures.

There are dozens of proven natural treatments that increase bone density. I have spent over 10 years reading the research about Natural Osteopenia and Osteoporosis treatments.

I know that some marketing companies make all sorts of claims for their products. Some products are based on solid scientific studies; others have no scientific studies at all.  The marketing ads are full of testimonials but have no references to real studies. 

 You want solid information - information backed by scientific studies.That is what you will find here. Each of the Natural Osteopenia Treatments listed on this site includes background information and scientific research when they exists.

You will find lots of information on this page. Most links open in new windows so it is easy to get back to this page by just closing the window.  A number of people have found this Natural Osteopenia Treatments page has so much information that they need to bookmark it and return for a second or even a third visit.

I encourage you to read all the information and then plan your choices by finding things that will address your particular Causes for your bone loss

Preventing fractures

 Research has shown that those with Osteopenia are just as likely to suffer a fracture from a fall as someone with Osteoporosis who falls. So, our first suggestion is to take action to prevent fractures.

Natural treatments: Using a weight vest.

Our bone building cells respond to new or increased stress. One way we can increase such stress on our vertebrae is to use a weight vest. Most sport weight vests have half pound weights, so we reach the 'safe limit' pretty fast.  (If weights are too heavy, they can cause us to fall when we shift our weight or bend forward.)

There is a company in the United States that makes a vest with weights of 1 ounces. This vest allow yout to add weight 2 ounces at a time  (1 oz on the left; 1 on the right so the weight remains balanced) Add these weights means you can 'increase the weight' for many weeks before you reach the safe limit. This is the vest that I have used to increase the bone density of my spine. To see read more about the vests and to purchase them, click on Hypervest for Bone building.

Natural Osteopenia treatments: Herbs for bone building

Herbs for bone building and preventing fractures.  In many parts of the world herbs remain an integral part of the practice of medicine. There are a host of herbs that have been shown to build stronger bones. And in recent years there are more and more studies being published in scientific journals about these herbs and their effectiveness.

Since the list of herbs useful for the prevention and remedy of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis is  long, I now have a whole section dedicated to this Herbs to Reverse Bone Loss. You will find it at Osteopenia, Osteoporosis Herbal treatments. 

Special supplements at Natural Osteopenia treatments:

CLA lose belly fat and build bone

Bone building foods

Foods that Increase Bone Density.

Foods that are not good for your bones

Other treatments for Osteopenia, Osteoporosis:

That is it. Knowledge is so important for those of us wanting to build strong bones and reverse our Osteopenia, Osteoporosis.

Be sure you know why you have developed Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  Read: Causes of bone loss