Find Ankle Weights Osteopenia   Osteoporosis

Find Ankle Weights Osteopenia , Osteoporosis. .If you are buying ankle weights for an exercise treatment to improve your bone density, you want to be sure to get weights that can go as high as 20 pounds on each ankle. Why?

It will save you money in the end.  Miriam Nelson of Tufts University suggests buying the 20 pound version if you are using them for any of the Osteopenia exercises.  To really improve your hip bone density,  you will eventually need weights heavier than the usual 10 pound versions. So it is less expensive in the long run to buy a heavier set of Ankle Weights Osteopenia from the beginning.

The one exception for this would be if you are buying them for some one who is frail either because they are very old or because they have been ill for some time.  In such cases you might want to contact your health care provider before investing in ankle weights. Although some persons who are frail can safely  exceed the 10 pound limit, some will never do so, And for these persons, it would be less expensive to buy the lighter weights.

When I was looking for weights, I decided to buy the 20 pound weight even though I had been ill for some time.  Why?  I assumed that with enough practice I might get to the 11 lb., or even 14 lb. weight. (After only 4 months of use I have already exceeded the 10 pound weight and am glad I spent the extra money for the heavier set from the beginning since I saved paying 2nd shipping cost..)

Hint for saving money on ankle weights for Osteopenia exercises.

There is absolutely no reason why you need to buy 2 sets or one for each ankle. One set will do nicely since you usually only exercise one side at a time.  You can take the weight off one ankle and put it on the other ankle during the normal ‘rest time’ between the sets of your leg lifts.

I spent hours on the Internet looking for ankle weights before I bought mine. I found that a set of 20 pound ankle weights ranged in price from $49 – $150.

But as I researched I realized that there were only 2 main types that stores were offering – some sold them at lower prices, some at much higher.  Here is a weight that is quite good.

Ankle weights

This is the kind of  20 pound ankle weight that is used in physical therapy as well as one used by sports enthusiasts who want to shift their weights from ankle to wrist.    20 lbs Ankle Wrist Weight 

Once you have your weights, you will want to know the best exercises to do with them to improve your bone density.  You will find several specific exercises to improve hip bone density at: ankle/hip exercises to improve bone density