Does taking calcium help Osteopenia

Does taking calcium help Osteopenia ? Many people think calcium is the answer to all bone loss problems.  But when we read the research we find the answer to this question, Does taking calcium help Osteopenia? should be: It Depends.

If  bone loss is a result of a diet with little calcium, then of course consuming more calcium will aid in building stronger bones and reversing Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  But if bone loss is caused by something else, such as chronic dehydration,  excessive exercising or any of the other causes of bone loss, then taking more calcium is not going to help and the answer to the question, 'Does taking more calcium help Osteopenia?' will be, No.

This is why it is  important to figure out all  Causes of our Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. See: Causes of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Part Two:  Does taking calcium help Osteopenia?

Calcium alone will not reverse Osteopenia.  In fact too much calcium can cause  real health problems. See: Hypercalcemia

If you want to increase your bone density, you need to consume ALL the vitamins and minerals necessary for building bone. What you eat on a daily basis will have a strong effect on your body's ability to build new bone.  This is so important that major health organizations offer advice about what to eat to build strong bones.

Here are two:

1. Mayo Clinic site and Bone Healthy diet.

2. Harvard Health provides guidelines for a bone healthy diet. 

Now if you are serious about reversing bone loss, you will add things besides you diet to you plan. There are a host of ways to increase your bone density besides improving your diet. Why not take a look at them and then read the details about each. Choose at least one, maybe two or three and make them a part of your daily life. You can reverse bone loss and build stronger bones. Others have done it. You can do.

Go to Natural ways to Build Stronger Bones.