Aclasta information: Osteoporosis drug

Aclasta information, Osteoporosis prescription drug. Aclasta is an Osteoporosis drug distributed in Europe and in Australia. In the United States, Acalsta is distributed under the name, Reclast. Reclast is the exact same drug as Aclasta. It just has a different name. 

More Aclasta information.  This drug is a form of zolendronic acid which is a bisphosphonate drug.  Like all bisphosophonates, Aclasta slows the rate at which 'old bone' is removed by your body.                                                                                                                  Administration. With this drug there is no daily pill taking. Aclasta is administered by infusion in your doctor's office. It is a simple process. Once a year you go to the doctor's office. They set up an IV of Aclasta and it goes directly into your vein. Then you go home. Done. No daily or weekly pills to remember.   Many patients prefer this medication because it is a once a year treatment. You just make an appointment, go to the office, have your infusion and then you are done til next year.

Aclasta information Osteoporosis treatment. Aclasta (also sold as Reclast) appeals to those who prefer not to be taking daily or weekly pills. There is nothing to remember with this drug! (Most doctors' office staff are willing to keep track of your treatment date and call you when it is time for you to make an appointment and come in for your annual infusion.)

OK. If you are considering Aclasta for treating your Osteoporosis, you probably want to know a bit more, so read on....... 

Who makes Aclasta ?

Novartis,  one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, is the company that makes Aclasta.   They are the ones who developed this drug and did all the necessary research studies before it could be brought to market.

One study,  The Pivotal Fracture Trial, showed that Aclasta both increased bone strength and reduced fractures of the hip, spine and other areas such as  wrists, arms, legs and/or ribs. After the Pivotal Fracture Trial, the drug  was approved for use by those who had documented bone loss. 

Note:  The studies showed that Aclasta appeared to be effective in reducing fractures, which is the real reason why anyone treats Osteoporosis. No one wants a fracture just because their bones have become thinner, weaker as a result of age or  one of  Causes of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis 

When Aclasta was approved, it was the only drug that had been shown to reduce fractures at ALL the key sites where Osteoporosis fractures usually occur: hips, spine, wrists, arms, legs and ribs. This was a big advance in the treatment of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.                                                                                                       If you are concerned about having one of the small spinal fractures that cause back hump (See: dowagers humps, ) know that  the New England Journal of Medicine reported in May 2007 that a study involving more than 7,700 women, showed that treatment with Aclasta reduced the risk of spinal fractures by 70%  AND Aclasta also reduced hip fractures by 41%.

The reduction in spinal fractures for the three years of the study was as follows: 60% reduction in year one; 71% in year two and 70% in year three. Those are significant numbers! -- especially when we consider that bone loss in the spine usually leads to kyphosis (or dowagers hump)  - an unsightly and often debilitating condition. 

More Aclasta information:

Here is more Aclasta Information.  Novatis, the company manufacturing Aclasta,  states in their Aclasta information that the drug: 

      "has shown significant efficacy in protecting women against fractures in all the            common osteoporotic fracture sites, while demonstrating a favorable safety                profile. It is our hope that this innovative once-yearly dosing regimen will have a          positive impact on the management of this potentially devastating condition." 

Also, in the same Aclasta Osteoporosis information,  Novartis says that Aclasta  "is indicated for treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. In patients with a recent low-trauma hip fracture".. and that this drug.. "reduces the incidence of new clinical fractures".   

If you are considering getting this annual drug infusion, you may be interested in knowing some additional Aclasta information:

  • also  "indicated for treatment of osteoporosis in men at increased risk of fracture, including those with a recent low-trauma hip fracture."
  • "indicated for treatment of osteoporosis associated with long-term systemic glucocorticoid therapy in postmenopausal women and in men with increased risk of fracture" and 
  • "Aclasta is indicated for the treatment of Paget's disease of the bone."

Other advantages of Aclasta. Many in the health care community believe that once a year infusions are the helpful for patients because they offer a remedy for the inconvenience of daily, weekly or monthly Osteoporosis medications.  Also annual infusions eliminate one of the main problems of daily or monthly medications - that many people just stop taking their prescribed medication!                                           (The failure to take medication is called 'non-compliance' by the medical community and it has been shown that Osteoporosis medication non-compliance with daily or weekly pills is high. Aclasta reduces the non-compliance rate.)

Alcasta Osteoporosis information: Side effects

Aclasta Osteoporosis information: Side Effects. Note: Since this drug is sold under various names in different countries, these same side effects apply to its other forms such as, Reclast.  (In fact, if you live in the United States, the Novartis site will direct you to a page about Reclast, not Aclasta)

Since this is a bisphosphonate drug Novartis is careful to mention in their Aclasta Osteoporosis information that is a possibility of developing Osteonecrosis. (See: Osteonecrosis ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The company also states in its Aclasta information that:"Disturbances of mineral metabolism must be treated before starting therapy. Patients must be adequately supplemented with calcium and vitamin D." Also, "a single  dose of Aclasta should not exceed 5 mg and infusion time should be no less than 15 minutes." 

Side effects: A study published in March of 2013, showed a serious side effect with this drug: Acute kidney injury. If you want to  read a summary of that study click this link to it: Journal of Oncology Practice.

To read about other potential side effects as well as a list of medical conditions that would preclude you from using this drug go to: Aclasta Information: Reclast side effects 

There is even more Aclasta Osteoporosis information, including some you can print out to take with your to your visit with your health care provider, at:  Aclasta, Reclast Research Studies                                                                     


If you have used this drug and  want to leave a comment about your experience on this Aclasta Osteoporosis information page, please scroll down to the end of this page. There is a form you can use.  Your comment may help another reader of this web site. So thanks for sharing. 

End of Aclasta Osteoporosis Information. 

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NOTE: This web site offers science based information, such as the Aclasta information given above. The web site does not offer medical advice at any time. For medical advice you need to consult your licensed medical practitioner.

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