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Aclasta Research Studies: Osteoporosis

This drug, manufactured by Novartis, is a form of Zoledronate acid which is belongs to the class of drugs called bisphosphonates.  The main difference between this drug and other bisphosphonates such as Fosamax and Boniva is that Aclasta (Reclast) is given as a single infusion once a year and so you are not dealing with a daily, weekly or monthly pill.

There have been a number of scientific studies published about the effectiveness and potential side effects of Aclasta. Since health care providers have been trained to put their confidence in published scientific studies, I offer you a summary of some of these studies - all on a single page so it will be convenient to print it out a copy for yourself and one for your health care provider, so you can discuss any concerns or questions you might have about taking Aclasta (Reclast). 

Specific Aclasta Research Studies for Osteoporosis. Many drugs are tested on animals in the lab. But with all prescription drugs we want to know how well they perform on human beings. So we always look for studies that involve human beings. Here are some for Aclasta. 

1. Efficacy in Reducing Fractures and Safety of Zoledronic Acid in Men With Osteoporosis

2. 2016. "The effects of zoledronic acid treatment on depression and quality of life in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis: A clinical trial study concluded that "Aclasta increased bone mineral density levels and quality of life while reducing depression. Once years ZA (5mg) may be considered for postmenopausal women as a first-line treatment."

3.Role of Zoledronic acid in the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis. Clinical Intervention.. Aging 2011. See full study at: Aclasta Research Studies Osteoporosis.

3. Study by Johann D Ringe:  Development of clinical utility of zoledronic acid and patient considerations in the treatment of osteoporosis Published in Patient Prevernce Adherence. April 2010. 

Side effects: Sone Aclasta Research Studies - the drug's side effects 

1. Bisphosphonate-induced Severe Hypocalcemia - A Case Report Won-Seok Do, Jin-Kyung Park, Myung-Il Park, Hyeong-Seok Kim, Sung-Ho Kim, and Duk-Hyun Lee. Bone Metab. 2012 November; 19(2): 139–145.

ABSTRACT: Bisphosphonate generally seems to be safe, but hypocalcemia may occasionally develop in the course of bisphosphonate treatment. Hypocalcemia induced by bisphosphonate is usually mild and asymptomatic, but unrecognized or poorly treated hypocalcemia can lead to life-threatening state. A 78-year-old woman who had a history of hip arthroplasty and intravenous zoledronate treatment for femur neck fracture was presented  to emergency department with altered mental status. It turned out that her symptom was due to severe hypocalcemia  which was caused by intravenous zoledronate treatment. She also had renal dysfunction. She was treated by intravenous calcium gluconate and calcitriol administration. This case supports the need for evaluation of renal  dysfunction, vitamin D deficiency and parathyroid gland dysfunction before bisphosphonate treatment and accurate monitoring of plasma calcium and creatinine levels. In addition, vitamin D and calcium supply during treatment with bisphosphonate is mandatory.

2. Kidney damage when drugs from the bisphosphonate class were administered to patients with cancer was published
in Journal Oncolology Practctice. 2013 March; 9(2): 101–106.   YOu can read the abstract and full article by clicking here.   

3. Long-term treatment with bisphosphonates and their safety in postmenopausal osteoporosis by Michael Pazianas, Cyrus Cooper, [...], and R Graham G Russell. Published Publsihed in Therapeutic Clinical Risk Management 2010.

4. Here is a 2016 study that also included measurement of depression since depression can occur in persons diagnosed with Osteoporosis:  "The consumption of once-yearly ZA (5 mg) treatment increases BMD at levels of lumbars 1–4 (P = 0.026), total Hip T score's P value is same as femoral neck (P: 0,033). ZA 5 mg treatment also improved QoL (P = 0.001) and reduced depression (P = 0.001)."

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