Jean in Adelaide, South Australia

by Jean Pengelly

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On 23 January 2018 I had my first infusion of Aclasta. I felt fine for around 15 hours afterwards and then developed the flu like symptoms I was warned about. However, one week on I was getting swelling in joints of my fingers and aches and pains I had never noticed previously. I was worried, so made an appointment to see a GP. My endocrinologist was on leave. The GP reassured me that nothing awful was going to happen to me, and that I was just one of these people who had a stronger reaction than normal. However, I had blood tests to check for inflammation among other things, and I should get the results of these tests tomorrow. Prior to being given Aclasta, I had had kidney and liver function tests, along with a lot of other tests to make sure I was a suitable candidate for this medication. My calcium and vit D levels were regarded as adequate. In fact according to the blood and urine tests all was fine. However, I have to admit I feel more as if I had been hit by a bus than had flu. I am drinking plenty of liquid and having adequate calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals, including ReMag, a liquid magnesium supplement that suits me because I have IBS and have problems with diarrhoea that is induced by other magnesium supplementsI have tried. I am also using ReMyte (mixed minerals) and ReCalcia (a liquid calcium supplement). My hands are so painful it is difficult to wash them, and doing simple tasks like switching on a lamp or opening doors is something I try to avoid doing. I am hoping that all these symptoms will lessen over time, as I still feel that Aclasta is the best drug for my condition. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2017, when I had the cancer removed, and I had 3 lymph nodes removed in November 2017. There was no sign that the cancer had spread, and no necessity for chemotherapy or radiation (I am in my early 70s). Hormone blocking drugs are suggested once my osteoporosis is under control.

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