Weight vest Osteopenia ,Osteoporosis reversal

Weight vest Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Build a stronger spine.  One of the things we know is that our Osteoblasts (bone building cells) respond to increase  pressure/load on our bones. This is the whole reason why those with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis are advised to start a 'weight bearing exercise program' as soon as possible.

For those with spinal Osteopenia or Osteoporosis this can be a challenge since they are also advised not to bend forward from the waist since in coming out from this position vertebral fractures often occur. See: Exercise Warnings

So how to you add weight (or load)  to your spine without bending forward?

One of the easiest ways is to use a weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis that allows you to add many small weights instead of a few larger weights.. A well fitted vest adds weight to your spine when you stand or walk. 

This has two weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis advantages:

  • You can increase the stress on your bones by slowly increasing the weight in your vest
  • You can increase the stress on your bones by wearing your vest for longer period of time each day.

Here are some special vests that can increase bone density:

Weight vests at Amazon 

Timely warning about some weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis

The one thing you want to be careful about is how heavy each weight is for the vest you buy. Some vests made for power lifters increase weights 1/2 or 1 lb at a time. Since you want to keep your weights 'balanced' that means you start at 1 or  2 pounds. A single increase will bring you to double that. Soon your weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis will be up to 6 pounds of weight! That is enough to cause someone over the age of 45 to tip or fall or if they bend forward or to the side.      See: Balance and Co-ordination exercises for those over age 50.

There are also some sport vests that use half pound weights. They could give you a few weeks for increasing weights before you reach the 'tipping point'. (I bought one of these some years back but found that I reached my 'safe limit' too fast. This is one reason I have not advocated most weight vests. They tend to be expensive and if you reach your top safety weight in a few weeks.....well, that is expensive. )

The manufacturer of a NEW weight vest, Hyper Vest Pro sent me a sample a few years ago. Note the company sells 2 kinds of weight vest one for athletes and the other that is suited to spinal bone building.  If you are trying to increase bone density you want HYPER VEST PRO with 2 ounce weights...a weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis that can be used for increasing  bone density. To see this item,  click     this link:  Hypervest

My experience: HyperVest Pro's weight vest Osteopenia, Osteoporosis

HyperVest Pro has many  small pockets.  When I first read about them I was concerned that the vest was being marketed to the ' athletic fitness crowd'. I  wondered how the vest would feel, if an older person would be comfortable using it. BUT after wearing the Hyper Vest Pro for a week,  I thought this vest  could be useful for those of us wanting to increase our spinal bone density. 

Why? Well, this vest, unlike those sold in sports shops, uses 1 ounce weights. If you begin with 2 ounces (2 of the one ounce weights) each placed on opposite sides of the vest for a single week ( When I did it, I hardly noticed any increase in weight but I knew that bone building osteoblasts respond to any increase in weight/stress).

You will want to start by wearing the vest for an hour a day. Then, the next week add another hour....and next week wear it for 3 hours. Then for 4 hours, 5 hours and finally all day. (You can wear this vest under a blouse or shirt without 'bulking'- though I often let it show and wore it over my clothes.)

Next add another set of 2 more weights (Be sure to keep weights balanced, left & right; front & back.) Go back to wearing the vest for a 1 hour. Then slowly increase the amount of time over the next few weeks.  Then add more weight and repeat.

Here is a vest that can “increase weight and resistance' for months without reaching the point at which the weights might be a danger to your balance.(Getting too top heavy).

When I reached maximum weights, I put the vest away for a few months so my body would get used to no extra weight. Then several months later, I began all over again...  two weights for one week, then increasing weights until I reached the maximum again. I have been doing this for years now as a way to build spinal bone density.

I know that weight vests are not cheap. That is why I think it is important to find one that you can use for a long time. What I have done is after I have used the vest for several months, increasing the weight slowly over that time, I put the weight vest  away for about 6 months. That allows my bones to get used to having no or little stress on them. Then I take out the HyperVest and start all over.

HyperVest Pro with its 2 ounce weights is useful for a longer period of time than sport vests that use 1/2 pound or 1 lb weights.  (Sport vests get too heavy too fast.) When I thought about the cost, I realize that I spend as much or more on supplements in a single year!  Supplement can not be reused but the hypervest can be used again on rotating basis for years. As long as I stop using it for a 7 -8  months so my body gets used to no extra weight, I can start all over again.

When you click on the company link, look for SHOP (weight vests are at the top of the SHOP drop down menu. Be sure to choose the PRO vest. The others use much heavier weights and are not good Weight vest Osteopenia, Osteoporosis usage: Go to: Hyperwear at Amazon

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