Cause of Osteopenia Lupus

Cause of Osteopenia Lupus If you have lupus, you are at risk for significant bone loss. The reasons for this are two fold:

1. Lupus is often treated with glucocorticaid medications. These medications of themselves can trigger significant bone loss.

2. If you are in pain or tired most of the time, you may have a tendency to avoid 'weight bearing exercise' such as walking, jogging, lifting weights etc. But your bone building cells are triggered into action by suchweight bearing activities. If your Osteoblasts (bone building cells) are not active, then you will not be creating enough new bone to replace that which is removed by your Osteocalst cells during the regular bone renewal cycle.

3. Finally, people who have chronic pain - sometimes compensate by eating a poor diet. This too, can be a Cause of Low Bone Density.

What to do?

- Work with your health care provider to use the lowest doses of glucorticaid medication as possible.

- ask about using the services of a pain clinic for other ways to alleviate chronic pain

- ask about using the services of physical therapist to get some advice about weight bearing activitiesyou can use so as to increase the activity of your Osteoblasts.

- get a bone density screening (Dexa scan or other screening) and have follow ups so as to know how dense yourbones are.

- take time to read this web site....look at all the approaches possible for increasing bone density. Discussa multi-pronged approach with your health care provider.

New research Cause of Osteopenia Lupus

I am excited. I just found some research articles about successful treatment of lupus with Calciferol.

Now calciferol is a form of Vitamin D and Vitamin D is important for bone building. In fact low vitamin D is one of the potential causes of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. Might this be a connection to your low bone density. Could this be the reason for  the connection between  lupus and Osteopenia and Osteoporosis?  If so, here is something that might help both conditions - the special form of Vitamin D called calciferol.

Here is a link to one study and you will that the site offers links to other studies. Do read them and/or print them out for your health care provider..or at least given her/him the link for further reference.

Cause of Osteopenia Lupus - calfciferol treatment