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Cheaper osteoporosis drugs, save money with an online pharmacy or Canadian pharmacy drugs. If you want to spend less for your prescription drugs, there are a several things you can do.

Here are three tips that have worked for others:

The first thing you might do if you are not going to use an online pharmacy or Canadian pharmacy is talk to your health care provider about your need for cheaper drugs.

  1. Often doctors have samples of prescription drugs and your doctor may be able to supply you with some of the prescription you need. Do not be afraid to ask. The worse that can happen is that your health care provider will say, I am sorry but Ihave no samples on hand.
  2. You might also ask if there is a generic or less expensive drug that you might use. Health care providers often have certain prescription drugs that they prefer BUT there maybe another, less Cheaper drug, that would do in your case. Ask.

Second, if you want cheaper osteoporosis drugs you may want to explore getting your prescriptions filled at an online pharmacy or ordering from a Canadian pharmacy. Here is some practical advice that others have found helpful:

  1. Go to the company's web site and check to make sure that they sell the drug you are taking. Some online pharmacy companies deal only in generics; others sell only a single drug for each condition eg. Osteoporosis.
  2. If you are using a web site, be sure that the company lists its SECURITY PROGRAM such as McAffee. You do not want your information to be hacked!
  3. Check shipping costs. Some sites offer free shipping; others charge a good deal of money. This is especially important if you are buying internationally.
  4. Check out the company's listed estimated delivery time. If a package is late, CALL them immediately. Do not wait.
  5. If you decide to order by phone, be sure to get the name and identification number of the person with whom you place your order AND be sure to get the identification number of your order. Write these down and put them where you can find them easily.
  6. There are several web sites that rank both Canadian and other online pharmacies. It is worth reviewing these - especially any customer reviews

A third thing you might do is to research what you can do to reverse or eliminate the condition for which a drug is now required. If it is Osteopenia or Osteoporosis,for example, a number of readers of this web site have not only slowed their bone loss but reversed it so that they then had normal dexa scans. Study the sections about Natural treatments- no drugs, no need for cheaper osteoporosis drugs. Start making changes now. Others have done it -  so can you.  Click on that link now. It could change your whole situation.

Going forward

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