Chronic Kidney Disease Osteopenia, Osteoporosis

Chronic kidney disease can lead to mineral and bone disorder (CKD–MBD). It has a negative effect on  bone quality through alterations in bone turnover and mineralization and bone quantity is affected through changes in bone volume.

This can be a serious issue and both children and adults with CKD should be evaluated for the status of their bones.

1.An article by Kraiwiporn Kiattisunthorn1 and Sharon M. Moe, Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder was published by BMS BoneKEy. 2010 December;7(12):447-457

The authors state: "CKD-MBD is a new term to describe the complex interplay of abnormal mineral metabolism, increased bone fragility and impaired linear bone growth, and vascular calcification in patients with CKD. These abnormalities are more common, and the natural history accelerated, in the setting of CKD. .

2. Hartmut H. Malluche, Daniel S. Porter, and David Pienkowski published an important article about evaluating the bones of those with CKD which states that bone quality of those with CKD should be evaluated in various ways - not just one way.

You can read their complete article by clicking on Chronic kidney disease and bone quality   You may want to print it out and give a copy to your child's physician - asking if it is possible to incoroporate some of the ideas into your child's health care plan.

Chronic kidney disease and bone evaluation

Since research shows that the bones of those with CKD are often affected negatively by their condition, whether or not a person is on dialysis, it is important for those with this condition to do several things:

1. Ask their physicians for regular screening of their bone density. Parents should raise this issue with their child's health care provider early on and then continue to raise once every year or two.

2. Read the section on natural ways to increase bone density and highlight those things that would be compatible with dietary and/or activity restrictions of their condition.

Make a list of things that appear to be compatible. Discuss it with your health care provider and then begin a personal program for assisting your body to build and maintain strong bones.

I think that you may be surprised at just how many natural bone building and fracture prevention strategies are available to you.  And some of them, example Tai Chi are likely to have a positive effect on your whole life.

A final word

A final world of advice.  If you, or your child,  has CKD  you will need to live a 'well regulated life' but just as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has lived a successful but well regulated life' because of a juvenile diabetics diagnosis, so too you can life a full, if well regulated live. But do give some attention to building and keeping your bones strong.