Diffuse osteopenia

Diffuse osteopenia maybe a phrase included in a radiologist's  report of an X-ray or Cat scan of your  whole body or even some part of your  body.  The term means that there is a  general thinning of all bones shown in the X-ray or Cat scan.

You may have had the Xray or CAT scan for some other medical condition but please give  attention to this comment about the state of your bones....even if the health care provider who ordered the test sort of 'passes over' this particular result. (Such passing over the comment in a radiological report can happen if a specialist ordered
the test because her or she was concerned about some specific medical condition. All his or her attention will be on signs of that condition in the radiological report and this comment may be passed over.)

But you do not want to neglect this diagnosis. Take it as a 'wake up' call.  Osteopenia if ignored or left untreated, often leads
to a more serious condition of bone loss, Osteoporosis, which puts you are real risk for fracture - especially small fractures of the spine which can lead to kyphosis or 'dowagers hump' or even a hip fracture which is a serious condition since many persons die in the year after suffering a hip fracture

Anyone who gets such a report really needs to do a follow up with his or her regular health care provider, who may prescribe a regular dexa scan so  a more exact  diagnosis can be given. Eg. you would receive a better measure of how much bone loss has occurred, where it is centered etc.  And your health care provider may suggests remedies for your bone loss.

Many physicians immediately turn to pharmaceutical drugs. The good news is that there are MANY ways to increase bone density. Yes, there are pharmaceutical drugs but there are also numerous effective  life style changes: nutrition, weight bearing exercises, weighted vests, supplements etc. Some physicians will counsel you about these; others will not.

This web site includes information about all your options: pharmaceutical drugs (potential side effects etc.) AND natural alternatives:  herbs, nutrition, supplements,weight bearing exercises,  etc.  And for every option you will find out  if there is scientific data to back any claims about effectiveness.

Providing you with information about the effectiveness of remedies used throughout the world is the whole purpose of this web site. 

I do not have a product to sell. That is why the site is
so plain...I am not trying to please you so you will buy my product.

Instead, this site provides you with more science based information
than any other web site...even more than most books on the topic. AND you will find I keep it up to date. Why? I am an academic. Reading scientific studies about bone loss, even diffuse osteopenia, is a passion.  ANd I want others to have this information...without having to subscribe to all the academic  journals or spend so much time reading research.

If you have received this diagnosis, do read Diffuse Osteopenia: treatments that work.