Fosteum - Osteoporosis, Ostepenia treatment

Fosteum is the brand name of an Osteopenia and Osteoporosis treatment product. It is not a drug. It is a prescription medical food . Yes, you do need a prescription from your health care provider in order to buy it.

Questions you might have:

  • I have never heard of a 'medical food'. What sort of food is it? This is a FDA approved is a special blend of three things: Genistein which is derived from fermented soy Chelazome , a form of zinc and Cholecalciferol which is the scientific name of Vitamin D3.
  • How does it work?Your bones, like all the parts of your body, are constantly being renewed.Cells called, Osteoclasts remove 'old bone' and those called Osteoblasts build your new bone. Fosteum acts on both of these bone remodeling cells. The manufacturer, Primus Pharmeceuticals, says it slows the work of osteoclasts and at the same time stimulates your bone building osteoblasts.
  • How effective is this medical food? Primus states that those using this medical food showed average gain in bone density of approximately 5-6% per year over taking only calcium and vitamin D alone.
  • If I take this prescription medical food, should I stop taking my usual doses of Calcium, Vitamin D or other vitamins and minerals ?No, the manufacturer states that you should continue taking your supplements (just as you would if you were taking an Osteopenia or Osteoporosis prescription drug). Fosteum enhances your bone building but you do need your other bone building vitamins and minerals.
  • What does it look like? Do I need to cook this special food before taking it?This prescription comes in capsule form. You take it as you would any other supplement. The directions are on the product.
  • If I want to try it, how do I obtain it?You need to ask your health care provider to write a prescription. The product is carried by many pharmaciesin the United States. If your pharmacy doesn't stock it they can order it and have it delivered the next business day.At present it is only available in the United States. If you live elsewhere and are interested in it, you might want to contact the company through their web site about about plans for wider distribution in the future.

Fosteum side effects, safety

  • What What about side effects? Is there anyone who should NOT take this prescription food?The maker of the product clearly states that any one with an allergy to any of the constituents should not take it. In addition, those with a history or family predisposition to breast or prostate cancer or reproductive organ cancer should discuss this with your health care provider since there have been contradictory reports about the use of genistein for those at risk for these cancers. In addition there are some scientific studies published in recent years that address, at least indirectly, who should or should not use this product.
  • Safety - Is it safe to use such a product?Since the FDA approved this food, the major safety questions should be answered. However, whether or not treatment with soy based products is safe for you, is a different question,                                                                                                            A study from Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening, in Tokyo says:"isoflavone consumption may be associated with an increased risk of Hepatocelular carcinoma in women. Women with hepatitis virus infection may be advised to abstain from isoflavone consumption."See: full articles: International Journal Cancer. 2009 Apr 1; 124 (7) 1644 - 16449                                                                                                          The journal, Cancer Research July 2001 published a study that concluded: "Soy diets containing varying amounts of genistein stimulate growth of estrogen-dependent (MCF-7) tumors in a dose-dependent manner."
  • In Nov. 2008 the journal Endricrinology published a study from the university of Illinois titled:"Low concentrations of the soy phytoestrogen genistein induce proteinase inhibitor 9 and block killing of breast cancer cells by immune cells"
  • The manufacturer of the food states that anyone with reproductive cancer proclivities should NOT use Fosteum.

Research studies:

I have found only three studies published in research journals and none of them address the effectiveness of this product.  As a form of genestin, it should be helpful.

Each individual should discuss the use or non-use of any prescription with a health care provider. Youand your health care provider know your medical history and the medical history of your family. One of the advantages of this product requiring a prescription is that no one can self medicate and its safety for you should be one of the topics discussed before you get a prescription.

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