Fufang Osteoporosis Remedy

 Known also as formula Xianlinggubao (XLGB) Fufang Osteoporosis remedy is prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

There are scientific studies about this treatment:

In 2015 scientists Xinluan Wang, Yixin He, Baosheng Guo, Man-Ching Tsang,  Fengjuan Tu,  Yi Dai,  Zhihong Yao,  Lizhen Zheng, Xinhui Xie,  Nan Wang, Xinsheng Yao,  Ge Zhang, and Ling Qin published a study: "In Vivo Screening for Anti-Osteoporotic Fraction from Extract of Herbal Formula Xianlinggubao in Ovariectomized Mice" which compared the effects of several different remedies used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In their RESULTS they state that, "Fufang XLGB was identified as the most potential one among the three fractions for prevention of OVX-induced bone loss confirmed with bone mass, bone microarchitecture, bone strength and bone turnover  markers."  Hence Fufang Osteoporosis Rememdy was demonstrated to be effective.

It may be that you never heard of this remedy before seeing it on this page. That is OK.  Few physicians outside China keep up with studies published by Chinese scientists and even fewer read scientific journals from China.  One of the reasons why I use the US National Institute of health web site is because it includes scientific studies published through out the world.  I hope that you enjoy learning about these remedies.  If you want to try Fufang, I suggest you use the link in the paragraph below.

Buying Fufang Osteoporosis Remedy. 

One of the real problems for those who live in the West is access to herbs and drugs that are widely available in China. This remedy IS available through the Chinese herb shop that is on the Products page of this site. The link is under the Supplements heading.  To check prices and availability at Chinese Herbs Direct store just click on this link: Fufang Osteoporosis at Chinese Herbs Direct.