Gushukang Osteopenia Osteoporosis

Gushukang Osteopenia Osteoporosis This is a compound herbal remedy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis.

My first acquaintance with this remedy came from a study by Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi  published in March 2007 from the Beijing New Medicine Institute Healthstar Medical Development Co., Ltd "Progress of study on prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis by compound Gushukang" .

This Gushukang Osteopenia Osteoporosis study states: "Gushukang is a compound Chinese herbal preparation. Pharmacological studies indicated that Gushukang can increase bone density, inhibit bone resorption, promote bone formation, and restore bone micro-structure, as well as improve bone bio-mechanical parameters and promote healing of bone fracture. Clinical observations demonstrated that it has favorable efficacy in preventing and treating osteoporosis."

That struck me as pretty amazing so I did more research on this herbal preparation.

Other studies of Gushukang

An earlier study published in 2001. "Clinical study on effect of gushukang granule in preventing and treating primary osteoporosis".  The authors were  Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. Li SQ, Pei ZG, Liu YM., of the Second Clinical College of China Medical University, Shenyang. 

Here is a summary of the study and its results:

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect and mechanism of Gushukang granule (GSKG), a Chinese herbal preparation, in preventing and treating primary osteoporosis.

METHODS: The total of 197 patients of osteoporosis, whose bone mineral density (BMD) was below 1 standard deviation of the peak bone mass of same sex, with no complications and had not been treated were selected.

Among them, 176 were menopausal females for over 1 year and 21 males aged over 70. The females were voluntarily divided into three groups, the 101 cases in the observed group were treated with GSKG 12 g, three times a day and calcium carbonate 300 mg, twice a day, orally taken for 6 months; the 23 cases in the positive control group were treated with equal volume of calcium preparation alone and the 52 cases in the blank control group were untreated.

All the males were treated in the same way as that in the observed group of female. The BMD level of lumbar vertebrae 2-4 and other related to indexes of bone were determined before and 6 months after treatment.


1.BMD level in the two control groups lowered by 1.8% after 6 months.

2. In the observed group, BMD lowered slowly or even increased, after 6 months the average BMD increased by 3.1% in females and by 3.9% in males. The effective rate was 91.1% in females and 95.2% in males. . .

3. So the researchers concluded:

GSKG has the effects in increasing sex hormones (both estrogen and androgen), inhibiting bone absorption, slowing down bone mass loss and elevating BMD, it could prevent and treat osteoporosis effectively.(Italics mine)

They also concluded that  Gushukang Osteopenia Osteoporosis could increase the level of high density lipoprotein (HDL) so as to benefit prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

These studies seem to show that this TCM preparation would be an effective Osteoporois, Osteopenia remedy.

Remember that knowing the CAUSE of your bone loss is important if you are going to use a natural treatment.

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