Kyphosis treatment - Dowagers hump, back hump treatment

Kyphosis treatment available for those with back humps due to Osteoporosis.

Background information:

When a person with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia suffers a 'wedge fracture' of a vertebra, the front edge of the vertebra tips forward and if there are several such wedge fractures,  the spine curves and a hump appears on the back. This condition is commonly called 'dowagers hump' but technically it is known as kyphosis. (To read further explanation of the condition, go to Dowagers humps

Having a dowagers hump makes for problems in daily living:

  1. You can suffer pain when the fracture first happens.
  2. Your back and/or neck muscles can tire easily.
  3. It can difficult to get clothing that fits you well. (There is a web site that offers some suggestions about this at Clothing tips for those with kyphosis or dowager hump
  4. Your balance can be affected so you become become less steady and you have a greater  risk of falling See: Balance exercises to do at home.
  5.  Such problems sometimes lead to social withdrawal. You can start avoiding activities and events you once enjoyed.

But Kyphosis treatment is possible..... 

There are four major Kyphosis treatment:

First special exercises can help. There have been a number of scientific studies showing that special exercises do help those with this condition. Most of these studies have been done with older adults, 68 - 85 years. And some studies showed that women taught the exercises continued them on their own and their improvements remained after a one year follow up. To read more about exercise treatments, click on Kyphosis exercises that work

Second is medical procedure that does not involve surgery, It is called, Vertebroplasty  Vertebroplasty does not involve surgeryand does not require anesthesia. To learn more about it,   Vertebroplasty, a non-surgical Kyphosis treatment

Third is kyphosolasty. This is a surgical procedure. During Kyphoblasty a surgeon injects a special cement into the affected vertebrae so as to raise them to their normal height. To learn more about this treatment click Kyphoplasty

A fourth treatment is Postural taping There is little discussion of this treatment in the United States but I found an article written by researchers in Melbourne, Australia. The articles was published in June 2008.

It showed "Postural taping decreases thoracic kyphosis but does not influence trunk muscle electromyographic activity or balance in women with osteoporosis. If you would like to read more about this non invasive approach, Click on New treatment: Postural taping 


Many people with back hump caused by Osteoporosis do not realize that there are treatments for this condition. This is tragic since it is often the case that the pressure exerted by one or two fractured vertebrae on the rest of the of the spine can lead to additional fractures and progressive 'bent over' posture with all its attendant difficulties..

If you notice that your spine is becoming bent or hunched, why not consult with your health care provider about remedy and/or treatment? Feel free to print out this page or other relevant pages.

All the information on this site is taken from scientific and medical research articles. It is true that not ever person is a good candidate for every treatment listed, but that is why your have a personal health care provider. He or she knows you and either can evaluate your condition or would be able to refer you to someone who is able to evaluate your condition to see what remedy might be most effective.And in the meantime, I hope that you will read about the many forms of treatment that is available to those who wish to Reverse their Osteoporosis and bone loss