MIV-711 Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis

MIV-711 Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis drug may come to market. Medivir AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that focuses on infectious diseases.

They announced phase clinical trials for a new cathepsin K inhibitor. This new drug is designed for the treatment of bone disorders such as osteoporosis, oseoarthritis and bone meastases all of which  are characterized by excessive bone resorption (removal of bone).

The CEO of Medivir stated, This study  " is an important step in our effort to develop new treatment options for patients with bone related diseases. The study will provide us with crucial biomarker information reflecting both bone and cartilage turnover. Based on this data we will be able to make a fast and informed decision regarding the continued development of ...{the drug}... to the market."

What is MIV-711

This drug is a potent and selective reversible inhibitor of cathepsin K, a protease essential for bone destruction. The drug is being developed as a new therapy for disease states where a reduction in cathepsin K activity would be advantageous.

In the human study, the drug will be administered as single ascending oral doses to healthy volunteers. This will be followed by repeated once daily doses for 7 days. The aim is to explore the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics. In addition effect on biomarkers relevant for bone and cartilage degradation will be followed. It will also be studied in postmenopausal women following once daily oral dosing for 14 days.

The design of the study will allow Medivir to explore how this drug affects biomarkers known to be relevant for measuring bone and cartilage turnover. It will also provide the company with valuable information regarding potential therapeutic dose levels to be used in future studies.

As you can see from this chart of  drugs under development,  MIV Osteoporosis Ostearthrities is still in its early phases. Still it is worth including on this site so you can ask your medical provider about it. 

Clinical trials: Phase 1 results for MIV-711

The company recently reported Phase 1 Clinical trials for MIV-711 Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis medication:.

The key conclusions from the study are:

  • Serum levels of the bone resorption marker CTX-I were suppressed in a dose-dependent manner with up to 55% at 24 hours post last dose on Day 7
  • Urinary excretion of the cartilage degradation marker CTX-II was reduced in a dose-dependent manner with up to 72% post last dose on Day 7
  • Similar effects were seen in post-menopausal women dosed once daily for 28 days at 100 mg
  • MIV-711was generally safe and well tolerated at all doses and durations tested

This is clearly good news.  If the next clinical trials of MIV-711 Osteoporosis go well, we might find a drug on the market that will treat two common conditions of older persons: Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. 

End of information about MIV 711.

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