Marijuana Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Marijuana Osteoporosis, Osteopenia. Back in the 1980s my younger brother used to tell me that marijuana had many health benefits. At that time I laughed. But I am not laughing now.  

Recent research is proving his claims to be true. The CBD in marijuana is proving to be a health bonanza. In fact scientific studies indicate that Cannabinoids (CBD) in marijuana may be beneficial in reversing bone loss.  If you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, you may find this research useful.

The British Journal Pharmacology published an article in January of 2008 titled, "Cannabinoid receptors and the regulation of bone mass". That article says in part: "CB2-deficient mice show a markedly accelerated age-related bone loss and the CNR2 gene (encoding CB2) in women is associated with low bone mineral density."  (So maybe we need CB2???)

There are Two claims in the studies about CB2 and bone density that are worth noting:

1. CB2 is associated with maintaining bone remodeling balance (bone loss/bone building) so CB2 protects your skeleton against age-related bone loss in both women and men.

2. The activation of CB2 attenuates ovariectomy-induced bone loss in mice by restraining bone resorption (bone removal) and enhancing bone formation.  Many of the pharmeceutical drugs prescribed for Osteoporosis eg. Aclast, Actonel,  Boniva, Fosamax, Zometa etc. also work by restraining this 'ovariectomy-induced bone loss.  '.

CBD is not the substance that gives marijuana its 'high'. That comes from another substance called THC.  And if you are wondering where you can buy some CBD, you will be glad to know that CBD can be bought over the counter (often in 'smoke shops or it can be bought on the Internet. If you are buying, it is well worth reading some of the cautions and spending some time to find a reliable source.

You will want to find  CBD hemp oil products that are tested for safety and quality by a certified testing facility. This  will ensure the product is safe and you can also see verification of the level of CBD and other cannabinoids in it. 

Where can I buy Marijuana Osteoporosis (CBD)?

Interestingly, Amazon is one of the sites where you will find many sources for CBD. Just do a search for CBD and see the many results.