Natural cures osteopenia

Natural cures osteopenia - how to increase your bone density without pharmaceutical drugs.

We know pharmaceutical drugs for bone loss often provoke serious side effects.  Sometimes people taking pharmaceutical drugs for bone loss experience  'spontaneous fractures' News reports of such incidents have troubled many people with Osteopenia or Oasteoporosis.  Maybe these are one reason why you are interested in natural  ways to increase your own bone density.

This  web site offers you dozens of useful natural methods for over coming  osteopenia.  But before you begin reading the details, I strongly suggest that you figure out WHY you have suffered bone loss - especially
if you are younger than age 80. 

Why 80? That is the age when most of those who live 'bone friendly' ways first begin to experience significant bone loss.  In Japan, for example, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia researchers  need to go to nursing home to find persons with the condition.  As a rule women and men simply do not develop osteopenia and osteoporosis at earlier ages.

When I learned about the people in Japan I was much encouraged in my own attempts to reverse bone loss because it showed me that building and maintaining strong bones is something that could be done and that  I COULD INFLUENCE my bone density by my lifestyle and daily choices.

That is what led me to start researching this subject.  BUT as I have said elsewhere on this web site, one of the things I learned is that getting clear about the CAUSES of my own bone loss was one of the most important things I need to do  if I were going to use Natural cures osteopenia.

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to change the chemistry of the body - for everyone.  But natural treatments
address specific causes.  Example: Weight bearing exercises stimulate our osteoblasts to build bone BUT weight bearing exercise will do little to stop the continued erosion of bone provoked by caffeine or carbonated drinks.  We can  do all the weight bearing exercises our bodies can stand BUT until we stop eating and drinking things that CAUSE bone loss, we will keep losing bone. The same it true for the dozens of other things scientists now know CAUSE us to lose bone density.

That is why I always advise readers to study the page with CAUSES OF BONE LOSS first.  Make a list of all your own
possible causes.  Then when you are reading about the natural cures osteopenia, you will be able to chose those that fit your own, personal needs.  Creating such a personalized program will quicken you success in your efforts to regain normal bone mass.

Natural cures osteopenia  OK. Now that you understand the causes of YOUR osteopenia or osteoporosis, look down
this list to find treatments that address your causes.

- Drink  water - plain water, not seltzer (which can cause bone loss), not sugared or fruit drinks,  not super duper artificial sweetened water. Drink water, plain H2O.  If you drink bottled water DO read the ingredients and it you see artificial anything or a list of chemicals or sweeteners, stop
drinking it.  Get a water bottle and bring your own.  (Just be sure if your water bottle is plastic that it does  not have BPA (Bisphenol A ) a chemical that causes cancer.  Most safe water bottles have BPA free on the label. If not, call the company and ask.  Why expose yourself to a carcinogen?

There are dozens of other things that can increase your bone density and you can read them all at:  Natural Cures Osteopenia

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Thank you for reading Natural cures osteopenia. I hope you have found the information useful.