Osteopenia Osteoporosis Antacids :

Osteopenia Osteoporosis Antacids .  Did you know that ordinary over the counter medications can lead to bone loss? This is true and one of the most common of these is antacids. Yes, ordinary Antacids can be a cause of your Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

Those common over the counter drugs - ones advertized on TV and in print....those simple remedies that so many people use, could be the reason why your dexa scan is showing thin or porous bones.

Why?  All of these over the counter drugs can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium and phosphates from your food. That is why they can lead to bone loss.

If you are using an over the counter medication for indigestion, gastric reflux or ulcers, do check to see what kind you are using.  If it has aluminum in it, it will most likely interfere with your body absorbing the necessary bone building calcium and phosphate from your food.

List of Osteopenia Osteoporosis antacids:

Here is a list of the most common Osteopenia Osteoporosis antacids that have an Aluminum base: Aludros, Amphojel, Gaviscon, Gelusil, Kolantyl, Maalox, Mylanta, Riopan.

If you taking any of these regularly, even a few times a month, it would be better to buy a brand that does not use aluminum salts in its composition. Why? The drugs without aluminum will not interfere with your body absorbing calcium or phosphates from your food and so they pose much less risk to your bone density.

Here is a list of safe Osteopenia Ostoporosis antacid brands   that are NOT aluminum based:

Alka-Seltzer, Bisodol, Mylicon, Rolaids, Titralac, Tums.  NOTE: Manufacturers can change their formulas without notice, so  do check the label of any antacid before you buy it.  If you see aluminum or aluminum salts, put it back on the shelf and choose another.

If you do not see the brand name of the one you are using for your indigestion or gastric reflux or ulcers in the list above, do consider asking your pharmacist if the one you usually buy contains aluminum salts.

Yes, it worth being sure.  Most pharmacists are able to answer such questions and they will often recommend a substitute brand if you explain your concern about calcium and phosphate absorption.

Of course, some of us would always buy the non-aluminum based brands. Why lose any ability to absorb calcium – even for a single day.

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