Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment. Natural and Pharmaceutical methods to reverse bone loss.

Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment can come in many forms: pharmaceutical drugs, special exercises, diet, herbs, vitamins as well as a number other health care procedures such as acupuncture, Tai Chi, certain yoga poses etc.

If you are being treated by a medical doctor, especially in the United States, it is most likely that your physician will begin your treatment with a pharmaceutical drug since pharmaceutical drugs have been emphasized in his medical training. And pharmaceutical drug companies, realizing how busy most physicians are,  send drug representatives right to doctors offices to inform them  of the newest drugs and their effectiveness. And they usually leave some drug samples. 

(Some patients ask their physicians if they have any samples whenever a new prescription is being written. This allows the patient to 'try out' the drug - to find out if there are any  side effect that would be so strong as to require discontinuance of  the prescription drug. AND getting some 'samples' allows the patient to find these things out  before having to pay for a full prescription.) 

You may find it to your benefit to read the pages about some of the non-pharmaceutical Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment plans.  There are a number of pages on this site. And for every treatment described I have included the scientific research about the effectiveness the the treatment (If such evidence has been gathered)  To read these, just click on Natural Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment  

I do want to add two things. First, mail order marketers have boarded on the Osteopenia Osteoporosis train. As you move through adulthood into elderhood, you are likely to receive more and more letters and colorful brochures in the mail from companies selling supplements. The brochures can be very persuasive...they are attractive, give examples or 'cases' of persons like yourself (and even older)  who turned their bone density problems around by using product XXXXX (whatever the company sells.)

Now, I am not against mail order advertising. Goodness I have bought things from such advertisements myself. BUT I do want to be sure that you understand that all these letters are a form of marketing. Companies spend large amounts of money testing mailings to find out which colors, which pictures, what wording and what 'special offers' will get the most people to place an order...and usually their aim is to get an order for more than 1 bottle of whatever they are selling. Few ever take the time to return a 'trial product'.

How do I know this? I once took a course that taught these skills - a course that guaranteed that I would become a successful writer of such sales brochures.

I learned a lot. And when I get brochures and letters in the mail, I often find myself analyzing the author's style. Did he or she include all the points recommended by the experts?. What colors and pictures were selected and how to they fit the targeted audience? Fun.  And yes, sometimes I do buy what the company is selling...but I am always careful to wait a day or two before acting lest I allow all those non-product things to motivate me into action. 

This website. One of the reasons I started this web site was so that you and others would have a place where you could find out about Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment ...all the treatments currently in us even some that your doctor might not have time to tell you about.  I hope you will explore both the Pharmaceutical and the Natural treatments - Just click the TREATMENTS TAB in the Navigation bar and you will find links to both types. Good luck,