Osteopenia Support Groups

Osteopenia Support Groups serve an important function - especially for those recently diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

They offer participants:

  • A place where they feel welcome AND feel less isolated
  • A place where they can ask questions (Often members read this web site and so they can offer solid, scientific information - information that sometimes those in the medical profession forget to mention.
  • A place where they can learn that others do/have succeed in rebuilding bone.
  • AND then of course there is the plain fun of meeting with others interested in the same topic

International list of Osteopenia support groups:

Here is our most current list.  If you know of a group that is not included here, please use the form at the bottom of the page to send along the essential information.  Doing this would be a good deed - something that would help others.

At present this is the only group that has submitted information:

1.Australia: South East Melbourne Osteoporosis Support Group   

Where: Meeting at Wadham House, Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley

When: Every 2 months, third Wednesday of the month, commencing in February - Mornings 10.15 to 12.15. After our meeting we adjourn for lunch and continue to enjoy a very sociable time.

Structure: We now have a membership of about 40 of whom 12 to 15 usually attend meetings. We managed to secure a grant this year for the first time, and this will help us to promote our group more widely in the South Eastern Suburbs. We do not charge a membership, but ask members for stamps to help with newsletter distribution. however this is not compulsory. More info? Contact Carole.

Contact: Carole Marshall +61395688727

How to find a support group in your area:

If you have an Office of the Aging or Senior Center in your area, do contact the director to find out if there is an Osteopenia Support Group. (You do not have to be 65 to use their services.  Really...you can be 32 or 42 and still contact them. Do not be shy! ) There are often unadvertised programs available. If there is nothing available, you might ask if they would consider starting one.

I know that in the United States, for example, there is a government funded program that offers weekly classes of balance and weight bearing exercise called Senior Sneakers.

All that is needed is for someone to volunteer to lead such a class. The Program will teach volunteers how to lead a class, what moves to make AND the will supply the weights. Our local Office of the Aging director said that the only reason there was none in my town was that no one had ever offered to lead it.

If you have found one or two people and are wondering how to get the word out, do consider asking your health care provider if he or she would put up a notice for clients who come to the office. Or most local newspapers have a community events column.

Anyone else? Please use this form to send information if you have an  Osteoporosis or Osteopenia support group in your area. ( I can publish 5-7 lines of text about your group. If the list gets long, entries will need to be be shortened.

If you do not see a group for your area, it is because I do not know of any. Again ask your health care provider or your local Office of the Aging.

Please use this form to add an Osteopenia support group to our list