Osteopenia and bone.

Osteopenia and bone. Osteopenia is a term the medical community uses in contrast with Osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis means porous bones. Osteopenia means 'less porous bones' so if you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia and bone loss, you have a smaller amount of bone loss that someone diagnosed with Osteoporosis bone loss.

Again, if your bone density test came back labeled Osteopenia, it shows that you have lost some bone...but not enough to received the diagnosis of full blown  porous bones The Osteopenia and bone diagnosis offers you a warning...AND an opportunity to do things to rebuild your bones now so you never develop the more serious condition of Osteoporosis.

The image below might help you understand the difference between the medical diagnoses of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia and bone. 

Now, no one wants to receive a diagnosis of Osteopenia and bone loss.....that their bones are thinning, losing density or strength.  Loss of bone density can make it easier for our bones to fracture. In fact, if you lose enough bone, the femoral neck of your hip bone could fracture just from the increased pressure of rising from sitting to standing position. No one wants that.

But receiving a diagnosis of Osteopenia is viewed by some of us  as a bit of good fortune.  Why? It serves as a 'warning'. It tells us that we really need to make some changes in our lives so that we will  STOP losing so much bone....and we need to make  changes so as to  REBUILD our bone density so it returns on normal bone density.  It is possible to do this. I have done it and other readers of this web site have told me  that they, too, have rebuilt their bone density. You can do it too. 

First steps for reversing Osteoporosis or Osteopenia bone loss

When I was diagnosed with bone loss, I decided that the first thing I needed to do was to figure out WHY I was losing so much bone. I needed to figure out why my bones were growing weaker. 

Yes, my physician prescribed a  medication. I filled the prescription and began taking it. But I had some strong reactions to it. That increased my desire to explore options.

I figured that it was not normal to have lost so much bone. I researched Causes of bone loss. I found that there were many different causes  and several of them applied to me.  See: Causes of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia

After discovering my personal Causes I realized that some of them were things that were under my control. So I made some changes in the way I lived my life - changes that the research showed could stop me from losing so much bone.

Next I began to read research studies about ways to increase bone density that did not involve taking pharmaceutical drugs.

To my surprised there were many. Yes, an alkaline diet and weight bearing exercises could help. But to my surprised I found that that were a whole host of herbs and other natural treatments that have been shown to increase bone density.

See: Natural Treatments Osteopenia Osteoporosis

I felt that I had 'lucked out'. My physician had not mentioned most of these treatments. And yet there was scientific evidence that they worked. Some were used by practitioners of Auyredevic Medicine, others by practitioners Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other treatments were used in parts of the world where herbs and dietary changes predominated in healing. But I was careful. I spent time finding and reading the scientific studies about these non-pharmaceutical treatments.  And yes, I started using some of them

My next Dexa scan showed no additional bone loss.  I continued what I was doing and I added balance and co-ordination exercises a few times a week so as to reduce the likelihood I would fall and break a bone.

I knew what we lose balance as we age AND I figured that if I did not fall,I would be less likely to fracture a bone. (I had already had some falls and broken some bones. I did not want another fall . I did a few minutes of balance exercises in the kitchen each morning. 

Result? My Osteopenia and bone diagnosis was reversed in just a couple years. (My physician was surprised.)

Some people were interested in what I had done but I soon realized that they can be different causes of excessive bone loss. 

So, that led to my creating this web site where I can provide information about the many Causes of bone loss  and give information about Natural treatments shown to increase bone density as well as Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to increase bone density as well as a host of related topics.

If you are new to this site, I suggest that you begin with the page about  Causes of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis (Knowing your individual causes really helps when planning how to reverse your bone loss) and then move on to reading about Drug Treatments and Natural Treatments.  And yes, I have found that the Natural treatments are effective and often far less expensive than the pharmaceutical treatments.

Much luck to you.

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