Osteopenia bone density

Osteopenia bone density. As you know Osteoporosis (porous bone) is the term used when your bones have lost so much bone density that there are actual holes in the bone. Osteoporotic bones are weak - so weak that they can fracture easily. Sometimes they fracture spontaneously even when only subject to the ordinary actions of daily life.

The medical community coined the word, 'Osteopenia' to indicate some bone loss but not as much bone loss as when you have Osteoporosis. See image below.

Implications of having Osteopenia bone loss

No one wants to learn that they have bone loss...of any amount. Whether your bone loss is modest as in Osteopenia bone loss or if it is the greater loss found in Osteoporosis, any bone loss means your bones are weaker than they should be. And weak bones are more likely to fracture than those of normal bone density. Of course you will want to reversed your Osteopenia bone loss as soon as possible. You do not want to continue losing bone lest you develop Osteoporosis (porous bone).

If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia bone loss, you will want to know why. If you know why you have been losing bone, you are more likely to figure out some things you should change if you want to prevent even more bone loss. So, you will probably want to read the Causes of Bone Loss. 

After you have read the Causes of Bone loss, you will be in a position to decided on what changes you can make in your every day life so as to STOP and REVERSE your bone loss.  Next you will want to figure out what specific things you can do to increase your bone density.  Your health care provider may suggest taking a prescription drug. You can read about drugs often prescribed to reverse bone loss by clicking: Drug remedies for bone loss . 

But in addition to prescription drugs, there are a host of natural ways to reverse bone loss and increase bone density. Click here to read: Natural treatments for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

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Good luck to you!

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