Osteopenia causes: common and uncommon

Osteopenia causes are usually the same as those for Osteoporosis. Here is a list of the causes that are most common:

1. Genetics is a cause of bone loss in some people but it is more often the case that other things such as lifestyle or medical conditions/remedies are at work. 

2. Age. After age 34, bone growth slows. The lack of bone growth stimulating hormones in later life the slows the production of bone (estrongen after menopause in women and the age related reduction of testosterone in men) that cause less bone to be made and after some years we begin to lose more bone than we make.  This can lead to Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

3. Lifestyle. This is the most common reason why people suffer bone loss.  Many of us forget that the human body developed thousands of years ago when most people walked 20 miles or more an day. And our ancestors not only walked, they were reaching, bending stretching to pick berries and edible vegetation as they moved. Today many of us live sedentary lives.  We seldom walk more than five miles and when we walk we are not stretching or bending every few steps.  We are not carrying children or elders on our backs. Most of us live in ways that are far different from our hunter-gatherer forebears.....and our bodies have not had enough time to adapt to this electronic, mechanized lifestyle. And so we suffer bone loss: Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

4. Stress is also a major cause of bone loss. Stress causes chemical changes in our bodies that lead to the depeltion of bone. In our modern world blinking lights, noise and traffic are often pervasive. Some of us have become so used to these things that we do not even recognize them as stressors. But they are - just as difficulties in human interactions are stressors. 

5. A number of medical condtions, prescription and over the counter drugs can lead to bone loss. (If you want to read a full list of these, click on this link to  Causes of Bone Loss. )

6.Also, the of chemicals such as  Cadmium in the environement is a direct cause of bone loss. 

There are a number of other Causes of bone loss. In my own life, I did not really make progress in reversing my Osteopenia until I found and addressed ALL my causes of bone lost. It took me awhile but it was more than worth it.

If you want to read a complete list of ALL the possible causes of bone loss (many have links to further explanations) just click on: Osteopenia Causes. 

Why is this important?  Unless you address ALL your own personal causes of bone loss, you are likely to continue to lose bone over the next years. I assume that is NOT something that you want.

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