Osteopenia symptom:

Osteopenia symptom. Conventional wisdom says that there is no such thing as an Osteopenia symptom. If they mean 'pains or fever or other such things' they are correct. But a review scientific studies shows that there are a number of early warning signs of bone loss. Here are some:

  • A fracture that occurs without severe trauma is often an early warning sign of low bone  density. Many people do not realize this. Research shows that some Orthopedists do not routinely recommend dexa scans or other bone density screening  after someone has suffered a fracture. But you should be aware that a fracture of wrist, toe, ankle or finger is a common sign of Osteopenia. This is especially true when the fracture results from less than severe trauma. Many people who do not consider themselves at risk for bone loss will break an wrist after a fall on slippery surface or break an ankle falling down a few stairs. Such fractures should be like warning lights. They may be your body's most flagrant signs you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.
  • Anyone over age 30 who experiences a fracture, should speak with a health care provider about getting a dexa scan or other bone density screening. Your fracture could be an early warning signal and if that is the case you would be able to start treatment.

  • Another common Osteopenia symptom can show up in your dentist's office. If you take care of your teeth and brush them regularly and you are still getting cavities each year, this could be an early warning sign of bone loss. Remember your teeth, like your bones, are made of calcium. And if for some reason your body is removing more calcium than it is replacing, it could be coming from your teeth just as well as your bones.  A study from Japan that was published in Calcif Tissue Int in 2005 showed that among post menopausal women the presence of periodontitis (peridontal disease) correlated with loss of bone mineral density. So, peridontitis could be another symptom of bone loss. Do talk with your health care provider about getting a bone density screening.
  • Of course you can also look at the list of Causes of Ostepenia as though it provides an informal list of symptoms . Anyone who has two or more of those Causes of Osteopenia, should consider taking action to improve their bone mineral density.... since they are at risk for developing this condition.

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