Osteopenia vs Normal Bone Density

Osteopenia vs Normal Bone Density is a frequently asked question. Knowing the true answer is important for anyone wanting to reverse bone loss.... and then retain normal density to their bones.

The short answer to the question is: Normal bone density is having a T score between +1 and - 1 , while Osteopenic bone shows a T score between -1 and -2.5. ( Lower than - 2.5 meanst that you have Osteoporosis, not Osteopenia.)   Now you may be thinking,
But What is a T score and how do I get mine?

T scores and Dexa scans

A T Score is the way the results of your Dexa scan is reported.  A Dexa scan  measures the density of your bones.  Your reported
numbers can range from PLUS numbers ie, higher than 0 (These are usually reported as +1.0  or +1.5 or +2.0 etc.)   The higher the number,
the more dense are your bones.

If you have some bone loss, your numbers will show up as a minus  ie.,   a  - 1.1 or more.  As you can see from the information in the section above, when your bone loss is greater than -1.0, example - 1.3 , -1.7, - 2.0 etc. you will be diagnosed as having  Osteopenia.  If your bone loss is reported as greater than - 2.5, you will be diagnosed as having Osteoporsis (or porous bones).

Osteopenia vs Normal Bone Density. One of the reasons why you want to pay attention if your Dexa scan shows even mild bone loss is
that bone loss often gets progressively worse as you age --- UNLESS you take some action to eliminate the causes of your particular
bone loss. 

(Now there are many, many causes of bone loss. I think that everyone should begin their work on their bones by reading the CAUSES OF OSTEOPENIA, OSTEOPOROSIS page. Why?  Because untl you elminate ALL your causes, you are likely to continue losing bone.)

So often people, even some web sites, tell you If you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, you need to take x amount of calcium  & Vitamin D every day and do 'weight bearing exercises'.  What good is that advice going to do you if the CAUSE of your bone loss is that you
are using  Depro-Provera  as your birth control method or if you are often slightly dehydrated because you do not drink enough 'just plain

Suggestion.  Once you have understood the meaning of the terms and have had your dexa scan I suggest that you study the Osteopenia vs Normal Bone Density Causes page so you can figure out why YOU have thin bones and so you can figure out WHAT you need to do  to build stronger bones.