OUTWITTING OSTEOPOROSIS: the smart woman's guide to bone health

 OUTWITTING OSTEOPOROSIS: THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO BONE HEALTH. by Ronda Gates, & Beverly Whipple was published in 2003 by Beyond Words Publishing.

Rhonda Gates was trained as a pharmacist and Beverly Whipple is a nurse/researcher.  It is not often that we find a book authored by such a combination.

These two women pooled their talents to bring you information, statistics, and treatment options to help you keep your bones strong. The table of contents shows the extent of the information. (If you want to buy the book, there is a link towards the end of the page.)

Table of Contents:


Section I Boning Up

1. Osteoporosis: A Life Threatening Disease
2. Why women Are Different
3. Gaining and Losing Bone

Section II Your Risk Factors

4. Uncontrollable Risk Factors
5. Controllable Risk Factors
6. Drugs and Medications
7. Sexual Health

Section III What You Can Do

8. Helpful Assessments
9. Treatment Options
10. Physical Activity
11.Find and Use Support

Section IV Prevention

12.Smart Eating
13. Supplement
14. Exercise: One More Time for Good Measure

Section V Osteoporosis – Not Just a Woman’s Disease

15.Osteoporosis in Men

Section VI Quick Reference

Questions and Answers


A. Osteoporosis Risk Factor Profile
B. Osteoporosis Risk Factors
C. What to Do for your Bones as you Age
D. Excellent Sources of Calcium
E. Questions to Ask you Doctor
F. Calcium Supplements and Drug Interaction
G. Smart Walking

Resources Useful Organizations and Internet Sites
Books and Videos to Support Good Habits

About the authors

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Outwitting Osteoporosis

If you prefer to learn on your own this web site has a great deal of information

Suggestion: Begin by finding all the causes of your bone loss. Make a list of them so you can use these to decided on possible treatments. Go to Causes of bone loss

Now take a look at the many ways you can increase your bone density - without taking pharmaceutical drugs.  See: Natural bone building techniques

Now click on this link if you want to review the many pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects.

With the natural treatments, try to find those that address your specific CAUSES and use those first.  Make a plan. Stick to it. You can reverse your bone loss and like others will be posting about your success!