Red clover osteopenia osteoporosis treatment.

Red clover osteopenia osteoporosis treatment.  If you travel in Asia, Europe or the North American countryside, you have probably passed  land with  red clover in bloom.

As children we would pick small bouquets of these round reddish, purple flowers and bring them home as gifts for  my mother or grandmother. At the time I did not realize that I held in my hand a potent herb with many uses - including treating bone loss during and after menopause. But now I know that after  drying these flowers they can be use therapeutically as a Red clover osteopenia, osteoporosis treatment.

Background science about red clover osteopenia osteoorosis treatment. Much of the scientific research on natural treatments for osteoporosis  focuses on plant-derived phytoestrogens.  The largest group of phytoestrogens is called isoflavones. These plants  have flavonoid-like chemical structures.

Maybe the scientific language is not very important to you. But  you will find important is that isoflavones may be able to cut your risk of osteoporosis AND your risk fractures at the same time they reduce symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes!

1. Red clover is an excellent source of isoflavones. In a randomized, double blind clinical trial, women 49 to 65 years old received isoflavones from red clover extract (43.5 mg/day) or placebo for 12 months. Women taking red clover extract lost significantly less bone mineral content
from the lumbar spine. End of first study of red clover Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment.

2. An earlier clinical investigatioin studied the effect of taking several doses of isoflavones from red clover extract each  day for six months. Doses of 57 mg/day and 85.5 mg/day (The amounts tested) significantly increased bone mineral density in the proximal radius and ulna (two forearm bones) in postmenopausal women.

3. Here is another study - done at the school of pharmacy at the University Messina, Italy   about Red clover osteopenia osteoporosis treatment. This summary (abstract) was published in Phytother Res. in February of 2007.

Title: "Effects of phytoestrogenic isoflavones from red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) on experimental osteoporosis."
by Occhiuto F, Pasquale RD, Guglielmo G, Palumbo DR, Zangla G, Samperi S, Renzo A, Circosta C.


The most common type of osteoporosis is bone loss associated with ovarian hormone deficiency at
 menopause. There is evidence that diets which contain high levels of phytoestrogenic isoflavones are associated with a low incidence of osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms. Plant extracts, which contain high levels of isoflavones, such as Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), have been used to
 reduce menopausal symptoms. The objective of this study was to evaluate the preventive effects of Red clover total isoflavones on the progression of bone loss induced
 by estrogens deficiency (ovariectomy) in rats.

Bilateral ovariectomy was performed on female Wistar
 rats. One week after the operation the rats were treated with an oral dose of 20 and 40 mg of total isoflavones daily for 14 weeks. The results from this study showed that the ovariectomy reduced bone mineral content, femoral weight, femoral density, mechanical strength of the tibia and increased the levels of bone specific alkaline phosphatase in the serum and the number of osteoclasts in the femur
 sections compared with sham operated controls. Treatment with isoflavones significantly increased bone mineral content, mechanical strength of the tibia, femoral weight, femoral density and prevented the rise of serum alkaline phosphatase levels. In addition, the treatment with isoflavones significantly reduced the number of osteoclasts compared with the ovariectomized control rats. These findings suggest that Red clover isoflavones are effective in reducing bone loss induced by ovariectomy, probably by
reducing of the bone turnover via inhibition of bone resorption.(italics are  mine)

End of abstract: Red clover osteopenia osteporosis treatment.

4. For those concerned with breast cancer (and so would be interested in knowing if an isoflavone will increase breast density.  Click here for  the  abstract for a study comparing the use of isoflavones from soy or Red clover osteopenia osteoporosis treatment  that showed red clover does  NOT contributing to an increase in breast density at all.

Final comments
Red clover extract is affordable and widely available.  If gathering your own herbs be sure that the land has not been sprayed with pesticides or insecticides - or been contaminated by an airplane doing spraying in nearby fields.  Red clover osteopenia, osteoporosis treatment  may  help you  in your efforts to prevent bone loss as you age.

End of article about Red clover osteopenia osteoporosis treatment.

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