Reseveratrol bone effects

Reseveratrol bone effects  Found in red wine, red grapes, knotweed , mulberries and cranberries, reseveratrol  may be useful for those  wanting to increase bone density. 

The earliest studies of reseveratrol were for effects  on the heart. Researchers had been studying populations in France whose diet was high fat but who had a low incidence of heart disease.  After some time they decided that there was something in the red wine the inhabitants drank regularly that protected the heart. After more studies, they decided that reseveratrol was the beneficial substance.

More scientific studies followed and the confirmed these positive effects. Then researchers began studying reseveratrol's  effect on cancer and they found that reseveratrol appeared to interfere with the growth of some cancer cells.

The studies on bone density came next.

Reseveratrol bone effects studies:

In 2001 the journal Drugs under experimental and clinical research published a study, "Benefits of resveratrol in women's health" by Researchers at Creigton University in USA. This study stated positive Reseveratrol bone effects and the researchers concluded it might be a better alternative than Hormone Replacement Therapy for women's cardiac and osteoporosis protection.

In 2002 researchers in Japan published an  study about Reseveratrol bone effects. They said: "Our present study is the first to demonstrate that reseveratrol directly stimulates cell proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts."  This was important news! Remember that your Osteoblasts are the cells that build new bone. We know that Osteoblasts become less active in both women and men as we age and that is one reason for the development of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

In July 2008 a study was published in Cell Metabolism  in which researchers had examined the effect of this supplement on groups mice fed diets of various caloric quantities. As expected the study showed positive cardio vascular effects for the supplement. What was more surprising was that it also seemed to have other positive health benefits - including stronger bones.  "Treated mice tended to have better bone health, as measured by thickness, volume, mineral content and density, and bending stiffness compared to the non-treated control group." and "Resveratrol enhanced balance and motor coordination in aged animals. Scientists found significant improvement in performance at 21 and 24 months versus 15 months in the resveratrol-treated mice but not in the untreated mice." July 2008

In September 2014 a study of fracture healing used Polycaprolactone scaffolding to provide continued release of reseveratrol and found that the process increased "the therapeutic potential in bone tissue engineering"  Click to read this full study of Reserveratrol bone effects.

The studies of reserveratrol continue.  Here is one done in 2018, "Resveratrol counteracts bone loss via mitofilin-mediated osteogenic improvement of mesenchymal stem cells in senescence-accelerated mice."  You can read the complete study at the National Instute of Health site: 

Buying reserveratrol

A number of companies that sell this product. If you have a cardiac condition, it would be wise to talk with your health care provider before using reserveratrol since there are studies about its cardiac effects. Research has shown the it can be of use in any plan to rebuild bone.

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