Strong Women Stay Young

Strong Women Stay Young. by Nelson, Miriam Ph.D. with Sarah Wernick, Ph.D. was published by Bantam Books in 1997.

Its Promise:

"Turn back the clock in just two at - home session per week. This scientifically proven strength training program replaces fat with muscle, reverses bone loss , improves energy and balance".  And yes, many have found that the book lives up to this promise.

The blurb on this book's dust jacket sayss:

"Miriam E. Nelson's research created news worldwide when the results were published in the Journal of American Medical Association. After a year of strength training twice a week, women's bodies were 15 to 20 years more youthful. Without drugs, they regained bone, helping to prevent Osteoporosis. They became stronger - in most cases even stronger than when they were young. What is more the women were so energized, they became 27 percent more active. No other program - whethe diet, medication, or aerobic exercise - has achieved comparable results.

Strong Women Stay Young shows women how to get the same remarkable benefits at home or in the office, working out just twice a week. Individualized instructions get couch potatoes started - and help exercise buffs break through plateaus. Significant improvements are seen after just four weeks."

"Strong Women Stay Young is first book I found that both encouraged me and taught me exactly what I could do to stop bone loss ....and to reverse Osteopenia." -  That from the owner of this web site.  It is the book that got me started researching this subject back so many years ago.  And nothing - no scientific study has been found to reverse the recommendations and suggestions in this book,  I still recommend it. 

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Newer title by Miriam Nelson:

Since that time Miriam Nelson has published a second book, Strong Women, Strong Bones - this too is worth reading. The book offers:

An essential guide for any woman who wants to know more about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Includes:

  • A one-hour-per-year plan for healthy bones
  • A self-test to assess risk factors
  • Facts on the most accurate bone-density tests
  • Tips on supplements beyond calcium, plus new findings on soy
  • The best workouts for strong bones, fully illustrated, with an effective new two-minute exercise
  • Facts on the latest medical breakthroughs
  • A special chapter for men

Again, you can get a copy at Amazon: