Synthroid Osteopenia Osteoporosis

Synthroid Osteopenia Osteoporosis. If your recent blood test showed that you have low thyroid function, you physician may have prescribed Synthroid as a remedy. (The generic version of Synthroid is levothyroxine and some physicians prefer prescribing the generic form for the persons they are treating) But whether you are using the brand name or the generic drug, they may be a cause of lower bone density.

If you have had a bone density test and your health care provider says that you now have Osteopenia (thin bones) or Osteoporosis (porous bone) be sure to raise the fact that you have been on Synthroid (or levthyroxine) with your health care provider. Why? Because your low bone density could be a result of the Synthroid.  This is important. There are other medications available to treat hypothyroidism. Your physician might prescribe on of them.                                                                  See: Medications for hypothyroidism 

Alternatives to Synthroid

Alternatives to Synthroid Osteopenia Osteoporosis. It is also be possible to use a natural thyroid medication. There is even one suitable for vegetarians or vegans. How do I know? When I was diagnosed with low thyroid and my physician wanted to prescribe a prescription medication. I raised the issue that I was vegan. 

There are three main prescription drugs for low thyroid: 

1. Synthroid contains cornstarch and lactose as fillers  so it is not suitable for a vegan. Also there is the Synthroid Osteoporosis Osteopenia connection.  I learned that there is another thyroid medication, Armour, but it is made from pigs' thyroid hormones so it did not seem suitable.  Finally, another medication  Cytomel appears to be vegan but it contains gluten. What to do?

2. Lucky for me my physician was familiar with a compounding pharmacy called, Women's International Pharmacy in Wisconsin (USA) and she sent a script for a  thyroid medication to be compounded from a vegetarian source to the exact T3, T4 that I needed. I have used this medication ever since. It has worked well for me and it allowed me to continue living a vegan lifestyle despite needing medication for low thyroid. 

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