Thinning bones

Thinning bones can lead to fractures. Many fractures of spine, hip, foot or ankle occur because bones are too thin and so they break too easily.   Health care providers call such thin bone Osteopenia or, if the condition is worse, they call it Osteoporosis. 

The good news is that you can reverse these conditions. This web site is dedicated to show all the ways that medical scientists know for  reversing bone loss and building a strong, solid  skeleton.

For many people the first clue they have that their bones are  thinning bones comes when they have a fracture - usually of wrist, foot or ankle.

For others whose spines have become thin, a  vertebra in will crack or collapse. Painful? Yes. All fractures are painful - those of the spine especially so. A sudden sharp pain in your back, neck or even in your chest could be the first signal of a vertebral fracture. (If you have had such spinal pain, you might want to read about dowagers hump/back hump before going any further on this page.

In any case, if you do not do something to improve your bone density, you are likely to have additional fractures. But the good news is that there are a number of things you can do.

 Thinning bones : what you can do

First, if you have been told that your bones are too thin after having a dexa scan and you are not sure what the results of that dexa scan really means, you will want to read the page about dexa scan results

(If you have not had the test yet, you might want to read all about dexa scans - to detect thinning bones

Second, if you want to increase your bone density, you need to know why they got so thin in the first place. So I suggest you read about the causes of bone loss. Read through the whole list of things that can make for thinning bones and jot down every cause the might apply to you. See: Causes of bone loss

Third,  you want to look at all the possible treatments.  If you health care provider is recommending medication, do read about the drugs. This site offers information about the effectiveness of each drug and its potential side effects. Knowing these things will put you the position of a knowledgeable consumer . See: Pharmaceutical drugs to reverse bone loss

Next read about the many natural remedies that have been effective for those with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. . Many of us have reversed our thinning bones by natural means. In fact there are countries where pharmaceuticals are almost never used to rebuild bones. So do read Thinning spine, thinning hips: Natural treatments

Now you are ready

That will be a lot of information to digest in one day. You may want to book mark this page and return to read some later. (Many people do.) This site has more information than most books on the subject and I do keep up with the research and add pages as I find new things.

Unlike some web sites, I am not pressuring you to buy My book or use MY product.( I have neither) I am a retired college professor who has had Osteopenia and Osteoporosis (that is what got me started reading the research). And I reversed mine.

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Good luck in your work to reverse your bone loss!