Treating Osteopenia

Treating Osteopenia right away is a wise move. You do not want bone loss to continue. You do not want it to progress to Osteoporosis. You do NOT want to fracture you wrist or your hip because your bones have become weak.

You are smart to want to build new stronger bones as soon as possible.

Now bone builds slowly. It is likely to take a year or more to get your bone density back to normal. BUT you can do it. I did and other readers of this web site have done so too.

Of course your health care provider is likely to suggest a prescription drug.  If you want to read about the drugs that are used for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, just click on Pharmaceutical drugs for bone loss.

But prescription drugs are not the only thing you can do.  First, as yourself: Do you know why you have lost to much bone?

Reversing the CAUSES of your bone loss maybe really important. If you do not know your particular causes, you can not eliminate them.  Surely eliminating the causes of your bone loss should be one of the things you will want to do when treating Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  Click here to read the Causes of Bone loss

Now that you know your individual causes, can you figure some ways to eliminate some or all of those Causes of Bone loss?  This will help prevent further bone loss  AND the nice thing is that changing most of your individual Causes is something under your control.

Natural methods for Treating Osteopenia.

Once you know all the Causes of your Bone loss and have a plan to eliminate them, you may want to explore the many natural ways for Treating Osteopenia.  Some people completely reverse their Osteopenia (or Osteoporosis) using some of these Natural treatments. Why not read click on the link and read about Natural Methods for Treating Osteopenia

In any case, I hope that you create a plan and stick to it.  But remember that bone builds slowly. It may take a year or more before you see any real progress. One of the things that you can do in the meantime that will help prevent your having a fracture is to take steps to prevent falls.

As we age, we lose a per cent of our balance each year.  That is why it becomes really important to do  exercises for balance at least 4 or 5 times a week. (Some people do them every day.) They only take a few can even do them during the commercials on T.V.

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