Treatments for Osteopenia

Treatments for Osteopenia are many and varied.  I have spent the last 10 years reading research studies about ways to reverse bone loss.

I have found that besides the pharmaceutical drugs that most physicians prescribe,  there are a whole host of things: certain forms of exercise, specific foods, an over-all diet as well as many different herbs and supplements that promote increases in bone density.

And what is just as important there are foods, exercises and herbs that have been shown to increase bone loss in both men and women - even if they already suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis.

The reason I started this web site is to provide this information - for free - for all.  This is not a membership site. You do not have to sign up for anything or pay anything to read all the research.  Even the monthly newsletter is free.  (You can sign up here: Osteopenia Updates)

Using the Treatments for Osteopenia site

My hope is that you will read the site carefully. Take your time. There are over 250 different pages on this site - more than in many books about reversing bone loss. AND every item on this
site has scientific evidence to back it up (I usually give you the name, date and publication o of relevant studies.  And when there are no scientific studies, only marketing/sales information, I let you know that too.)

I hope you will Bookmark the site so you can visit it again since it takes  time to absorb all this information. But absorb it you will. 

So many people have found this site useful. It has helped them reverse their bone loss. (You can see short pieces by some of these successful people at: Success Stories.

First time visitors

If this you first time visiting, my suggestion would be to begin at step one and figure out the EXACT cause or causes of your bone loss.  (It is seldom just age that makes for low bone density.) 

You need to know all your causes so you can be sure that what things you choose to do (or to stop doing) fit your particular causes, your health history and your lifestyle.

So read about the Causes of Bone loss. Jot down all that apply to you and then come back here to start looking at your treatment options. 

Of course if you know ALL your causes already, you can start reading options below. (Note: I emphasize finding all your causes because in my own case I was doing a number of good things but not making progress --- until I read an article that mentioned one more potential cause of bone loss. And, yes, that was one that was active in my life. When I included remedy for that one, in addition to the others, I really began to make progress.)

If you want to read about the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to reverse  bone loss, click here: Osteopenia, Osteoporosis medications

Non-drug treatments are found on the Natural Treatments for Osteopenia page

And if there is a specific idea or topic you want to find, be sure to you
the SEARCH button on the left hand column or click SEARCH

Thank you for reading this far.....and much luck in your work to reverse your bone loss.  It can be done!