What is Osteopenia

What is Osteopenia? It  is the first question we need to answer for any one given this diagnosis about their bones. Osteopenia means you have
bone loss but it is not as severe as if you have Osteoporosis. Let me explain:

 When you received the results of your dexa scan, a diagnosis of
Osteopenia  means that your T score is between -1 and - 2.5. 

(If your score were -2.7 ,  -3.0 etc. you would have a diagnosis of Osteoporosis or serious bone loss.)

But what does you T score  numbers  mean?  What is Osteopenia in practical terms?

A diagnosis of Osteopenia means that your bones are more porous than they should be. Porous bones are weaker than bones that are not porous. They could break more easily.

Example: Some trees become porous, either because of age or disease. There develop tiny holes in their wood.  A tree with porous limbs is more likely to suffer damage (have a limb break or the trunk itself might snap) in a heavy wind.  A tree whose limbs are not porous is much more likely to survive sudden gusts and even sustained high winds with no damage.

So, too, with human beings. Porosu bones may snap under the sudden pressure of a fall. Bones that are very dense, bones that have T scores of +1 or +2 are less likely to fracture.  That is why getting your diagnosis of Osteopenia is important.  You have an early warning to do something to strengthen your bones before they become even more porous.

You will want to start strengthing your bones as soon as possible.  This web site offers you up-to-date information on every treatment that can be used to strength bones.  (both natural and pharmeceutical treatments)

If you have osteopenia, the first thing  is to prevent falls.
So why not spend a few mniutes a day doing  Balance and co-ordination exercises Then either go to  What is Osteopenia :CAUSES page and figure out which ones apply to you.  Having done that you will know which of the many Osteopenia treatments would fit you best.

NOTE: If you do not buy your shoes in a shop that claims 'one size fits all', why would you believe that one Osteopneina treatment would fit everyone who needs to reverse their bone loss? 

The aim of this web site is educate you, to provide the best scientific information about bone loss and its treatments. Study it and you, too will join the many who write me each year saying, "I reversed my bone loss"