What your Doctor May Not Tell you about Osteoporosis

What your Doctor May Not Tell you about Osteoporosis by Felicia Cosman, M.D.  This author is the clinical director of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. She, herself, has experienced bone loss -  something she refers to fairly often in her book.

Her book is divided into Five Parts:

Part I UNDERSTANDING OSTEOPOROSIS This section  has 3 chapters which lay out the basis for the rest of the book: My Personal Journey; What is Osteoporosis; The Architecture of a Disease.

Part II PREVENTING AND SLOWING THE EFFECTS OF OSTEOPOROSIS This section of Felicia Cosman’s book has 5 chapters: All are headed by the word Prevention: 1. PreventionsThe Universal Message; 2.  Prevention: Step One; Reducing Risk Factors; 2. Prevention: Step Two: Nutrition; 4 Prevention Step Three: Exercise; 4. Prevention Step Four: Supplements and Viatmins.

As you can see she covered the usual basis for preventing addtional bone loss and increasing your bone density

Part III: DIAGNOSIING OSTEOPORSIS This section of, What your Doctor May Not Tell you about Osteoporosis, has three chapters. 1. Are You at Risk?; 2. Getting Tested: Measuring and Reporting Bone Mass; Blood and Urine: 3. Tests and Radiologic Procedures.

PART IV: MEDICATION AND TREATMENT This part of the book has 9 chapters. Fracture care and Rehabilitation; Medication for Osteoporosis in women; Estrogen or Hormone Therapy; Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators; Calcitonin; Bisphosphonates; Parathyroid Hormone; None-FDA-Approved Treatments; Monitoring Treatment.

I note that none of the chapters cover any of the natural treatments that have been used to increase bone density - not even items concerning helpful dietary changes.  Still she does cover the typical medical doctor's solutions carefully.

PART V: SPECIAL CASES Here we have 3 chapters: Men; The Premenopausal Woman and Osteoporosis Associated with Steroids.

Afterward: the Future

Appendix A: Interpreting Medical Evidence

Appendix B: Web Sites that Felicia Cosman MD recommends.

When reading, Felecia Cosman MD's book about things your doctor may not tell you, it is important to remember that this book was published in 2003 and so although the author goes step by step and talks about the sorts of things a medical doctor is most likely to consider important, the book does not contain the latest information bout side effects of drugs...nor as noted above does it consider Natural treatments for Osteoporosis.

Still if you want a solid medical review of the subject, you may want to Buy it now:

What your doctor may not tell you about Osteoporosis