Yoga Kyphosis Research; Yoga for those with hump

Yoga Kyphosis Research. There is an increasing interest in the effect of yoga on persons with kyphosis (back hump). One of the early studies

was done by researchers at the Division of Geriatrics, Geffen School of Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, USA.

It is entitled: "Yoga decreases kyphosis in senior women and men with adult-onset hyperkyphosis: results of a randomized controlled trial"

PARTICIPANTS: One hundred eighteen women and men aged 60 and older with a kyphosis angle of 40 degrees or greater.  (Major exclusions included the use of assistive device, inability to hear or see adequately for participation, and inability to pass a physical safety screen)

The  group attended hour-long yoga classes 3 days per week for 24 weeks.

RESULTS: Compared with a group who did not participate in the yoga classes, those who did participate experienced a 4.4% improvement in flexicurve kyphosis angle (P=.006) and a 5% improvement in kyphosis index (P=.004).

CONCLUSION: The researchers concluded that "The decrease in flexicurve kyphosis angle in the yoga treatment group shows that hyperkyphosis (back hump) is remediable. (emphaiss mind)

The researchers suggested that: Targeting individuals with more-malleable spines and using longitudinally precise measures of kyphosis could strengthen the treatment effect.

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A second major study: Yoga Empowers Seniors Study (YESS): Design and Asana Series is of real important for anyone considering yoga for kyphosis (dowagers hump/back hump}

In this study the researchers found that traditional asanas (yoga poses) needed to be modified to meet the physical needs of older adults, especially those with kyphosis (back hump)

This is an important study and anyone who is considering yoga to improve their posture or reduce the pain of kyphosis should read it and/or make sure that their yoga instructor has read it.

See: Yoga Empowers Seniors Study (YESS): Design and Asana Series

Special warning about yoga practice for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis

Yoga can be dangerous for those with thin bones.  Anyone can start a yoga class.  There is no medical certification required.  More than one person has suffered negative consequences from the practice of yoga.

If you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis do look for a Yoga therapist rather than a yoga instructor.  In any case, I urge you to read this yoga exercise warning before you begin.

You may also want to consult Jan Madden's Yoga Builds Bones

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