Young women with osteopenia

Young women with osteopenia. Low bone density is becoming more common in young women. There may be many reasons for
this. For some young women  it is the result of a medical condition such as celiac disese or anorexia.  For others is may be the result
of certain prescription drugs...or a lack of exercise...or repeated dieting... or nutritional choices that make for low bone density.

No matter what the cause, it is important...very important...for young women with osteopenia to take steps to increase their bone density as soon as possible AND they need to develop long term habits that will make for acquiring greater bone mass during their peak bone building years.

So what can be done?

First, any young woman  with low bone mass should study the Causes of Osteopenia page on this web site and make a list of every cause of osteopenia, osteoporosis that might be applicable.  Go to: Causes of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis.

Second, it is worth studying the pages about Natural treatments for low bone mass.  I suggest this because prescription drugs are almost never prescribed for Young women with osteopenia.  (Most drugs are simply not approved for young people) And yet it is important to increase bone density while that is still possible- before menopause.  Here is the Natural treatments to improve bone density.

Of course it helps if each of your particular causes can be addressed directly. For example: The use of caffeinated beverages can be eliminated and orange juice or orange juice added to water can be substituted.  If your diet has little by way of alkaline foods, then that
is something you want to remedy or you will continue to lose bone and you could begin suffering fractures.

Low bone density can also be the result of physical inactivity. If you do little weight bearing exercise, starting a program of jogging or jumping rope might be in order. (As with all exercise, it is important to get the OK of your health care provider. If your bone loss is significant, sudden weight bearing might not be good - it might even lead to a fracture.

One of the programs that would NOT cause a fracture but would be beneficial in preventing falls by improving balance ....and in some cases even leading to greater bone density would be Tai Chi. And one of the added benefits to Young women with Osteopenia is that Tai Chi increases graceful mobility and endurance in its practitioners.   There is a page about this practice and a link to a program that teaches it. Just click on:  Young women with Osteopenia: Tai Chi

What is especially important is for you to educated yourself. You need to study the CAUSES page (link above) and make a list of every cause that could be active in your life.  Then you need to eliminate those causes - and if you do not know how, consult your health care provider for suggestions.

Meantime, you may want to read the page about choosing more alkaline foods as well as the page about Tai Chi and the other NATURAL WAYS TO TREAT OSTEOPENIA.

I wish you much luck.  You are smart to be researching this topic now, before you suffer a series of fractures.  If you want ongoing encouragement and information about Osteopenia, do subscribe to our Newsletter. It is a free service. Just click on: Osteopenia Updates Newsletter