I told my doctor about celiac disease after reading your post

by Donna

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I am over 60 and I have had bone loss for many years after menopause. After an enormous loss showing on my latest bone density test at the time I was referred to a Endocrinologist. All she had for me was Reclast - more of the same since I had been on Fosamax for 5 years at that point. I refused treatment so she literally did nothing but run tests. She had me taking large doses of calcium and vit D but I continued to show signs of malabsorption and bone loss. I developed gastrointestinal abnormalities and I feared cancer so I had a colonoscopy that showed an ulcer in my large bowel. Finally, I read your post about celiac disease. I was doing research because I went off Fosamax (8 years)and wanted holistic methods to build up my bones. I recalled her saying that I had lost 10 lbs, had absoption issues, and was bordering on osteoperosis. It all made sense! Even when I suggested celiac to my Internist she was skeptical but ordered the blood test. I diagnosed myself and was highly positive!It gets better - I advised my sister to get tested since it is genetic and she has it too. Luckily, she is 10 years younger and her bones won't be drained of calcium like mine. My goal now is to be the same or better on my next bone scan in one year. Thank you for presenting this information to the layman. I am eternally grateful that I have tools to turn this loss around. The tools are found here on-line and missing from the medical experts.

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