Osteopenia reversed in two years

by Angela Bento
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Hi Kate

I am 63 years old and after a dexa scan in January 2008, I was diagnosed with osteopenia in the spine only, osteoporosis being hereditary in our family. Having read about how you overcame it on your website, I was determined to succeed as well. The biokinetisist at the gym gave me a programme of weight training, which I have been doing regularly twice a week for half an hour or so and core exercises for a back problem for another half an hour. I also do brisk walking for half an hour at least 2 to 4 times per week. I continued with two tablets a day of Caltrate Plus, which I had been taking for many years. Natural strontium is not available in South Africa and Vitacost do not ship to this country, so I have not been able to take it.

I had another dexa scan in January 2010 (two years later)and my spine had increased by 3% and my hips by an amazing 10%, although I was normal in the hip area to start with. My spine is now normal and all I have to do is continue with my weight training at the gym.

Thank you so much Kate for having provided me with a solution to my problem.

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