Your Bones by Lara Pizzorno

by Sheila B.
(Porterville, CA)

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I am 58 and was just diagnosed with Osteoporosis several months ago. I am in early recovery from Endometrial cancer so I have been through chemo and radiation and several surgeries which took their tole on me because each had a lengthy (several weeks)hospital stay. I also broke a hip in Nov of 2014. So, there are several reasons I've developed osteoporosis. My oncologist is pushing me to take the bio phosphates. I've read about them and the side effects. My mother and brother both suffered with A-fib. My father also has a type of fibulation. That coupled with the other side affects and that other studies show these drugs are barely successful do not make me keen on using them.

Part of my readings included the book listed above titled, Your Bones by Lara Pizzorno who is a medical writer and is married to a Naturopathic Dr. He is the founder and president of Bastry University. I didn't know this until after I read the book. She uses and explains how the clinical studies work and shows the reader how these studies substantiate her conclusions, not to mention her success, like yours, without the use of bio-phosphates.

On the contrary, I've also read, Beautiful Bones without Hormones, by Leon Root, M.D. Who is in favor of using Fosomax and fluorides. Of corse, the usual recommendation of diet, calcium supplements and exercise are included. I didn't feel that there was anything really new in the book to help me in my decision to use or not use the bio-phosphates.

I am leaning strongly towards the newest calcium supplements using "raw" calcium and the the mineral stromilin citrate. I also want to use acupuncture. However, in reading the information on your website you shared the way that acupuncture works by keeping the osteoclasts from tearing down the bone and creating more osteoblasts which build bones. From what I've read about bio phosphates they work the same way. The way Pizzorno explains the bio phosphates is just that. The new bone tissue builds on the old bones which is not a stable foundation. So, the big question I have for you is from your studies on acupuncture. Can you give me anymore readings or information on the pros of AP?

I appreciate the work you are doing and any information you can guide me to.

Sheila B.

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