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Dehydration Osteopenia Osteoporosis Not many books list chronic dehydration as a cause of Osteopenia and Osteoporosisbut there is some significant research on the topic. F. Batmanghelidj, for example, has several books on the topic of chronic dehydration as being a common cause of health conditions, especially in developed societies.

But long before Dr. Batmanghelidj began to bring the results ofhis research and his medical practice to the public, I recall reading of a Dehydration Osteopenia Osteoporosis connection ina newsletter by a physician who spent time each year researching the medical practices of aborigines.

At the time NO ONE else was talking about Dehydration Osteopenia Osteoporosis and I was more taken with studies about the importance of silica, magnesium etc. Somehow the Dehydration Osteopenia Osteoporosis cause of bone loss slipped from my mind. But reading several of Batmanghelidj's books has brought it to the fore.

Could you be dehydrated? Most people in the developed world never think of ourselves as dehydrated because the consume a quart or more of liquids each day.

But what Dr. Batmanghelidj points out is that LIQUIDS DO NOT COUNT. If fact many liquids are, in themselves dehydrating.It is water, plain water that you need.

How much water? If you weigh 160lbs or less, you need two quarts - 8 full glasses of water a day. If you weight morethan 160lbs, divide your weight by 20 and you will know how many glasses of water you need.

BUT if you drink other liquids, you need even more water. Any drink with caffeine is dehydrating and you need two glasses of plain water to make up for 1 glass of caffeinated liquid. AND diet sodas, Dr. Batmanghelidj states are downright dangerous and should not taken at all. (He offers studies showing that adolescents giving up diet soda, automatically begin to lose excess fat.)

Dehydration today Most people will say they never feel thirsty and Dr. B agrees. He says that with years of chronic dehydration we lose our sense of thirst. Many people grow to interpret the 'thirst signal' as a hunger signal and they snack instead of drinking 8 oz of water.

As for the bone loss connection, Dehydration Osteopenia Osteoporosis connection is found in Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!Dr. Batmamgjelidj gives the physiology behind the slow erosion of bone density by chronic dehydration.

Now to be honest I found this section of the book a bit boring. What fascinated me more was his narrative about childhood asthma as treatable with 'the water cure' of drinking sufficient plain water each day and avoiding other liquids.

Childhood asthma seems to be a growing problem and so many children are taking heavy does of medications. Dr. Batmamgjelidj offers another route for parents and their children. And it costs nothing to try it.

(Dr. Batmamgjelidj has other books, for example,Your Body's Many Cries for Water which is more informal with examplesfrom his practice.

And although this practitioner has the science, he is quite upfront about how he first discovered the curative powers of fresh water. He was imprisoned after the Iranian revolution. He had no medicines with which to treat patients.

One night he discovered, almost by accident, that plain water could cure the excruciating pain of peptic ulcer. He was fascinated and he began successfully treating manyof the prisoner's ailments with water, the only remedy available to him. He even set up a formal experiment to test water's efficacy for at least one condition.

After he was released from prison, he continued his studies: examined the chemistry of water deprivation, its affect on histamine etc. and began advising his patients to use 'adequate water intake' and avoid other liquids. Patients improved. He began to move onto a medical crusade over sufficient hydration.

If you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis I suggest that you consider Chronic Dehydration as one of your possible causes. After years of chronic dehydration the chemistry of your body may have eroded bone as part of its response to not enough water. The remedy is simple enough. Drink enough water. Stop drinking sodas and caffeinateddrinks. Or if you must drink caffeine, be sure to consume twice as much plain water for each caffeinated drink you take.

What you may find in the process of your personal 'water cure' is that all sort of other health conditions begin to disappear too. Dehydration may not be the ONLY cause of your bone loss but it may well be one and if so, it needs to be addressed.

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