Osteopenia products

Many  companies  offer Osteopenia products. Others on this page offer goods and services that you may use already....or would be interested in trying.

Bone building products/companies.

1. Supplements

2. Alternative Osteopenia, Osteoporosis therapies: Tai Chi and Weight Vests

  • Tai Chi information. To purchase, scroll down to the bottom of the page Tai Chi at Home
  •  Hyper Vest - weight vest and hand weights. Small company; good support. AND their vests have small weights so you can 'add a weight' for a longer period of time than with many Sport vests. Click on: Weight Vests from Hyperwear.com 

Other companies, products:

3. Skin care  - reverse wrinkles

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4. Computers, Internet security, magazine at discount prices

5. Doing good while giving gifts:

6. Travel and Vacations

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