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About Osteopenia3.com - ownership:

Osteopenia3.com is owned and edited by Kate Lindemann Ph.D Professor emrita Mt. St. Mary College, Newburgh, New York and Senior Scholar at the Center on Aging and Policy. I, Kate, started this web site in order to share what I learned in my researches into bone loss: how to prevent it and how to reverse it.

After I used some of the treatments listed on this site, I reversed my own bone loss and after several years my dexa scans showed 'normal bone density'. In fact my spinal bone density at age 74 was +3.5! (Even my physician was surprised)


Then at age 76 I had several major health issues.

I was hospitalized and had a long recuperation. All that bed rest led to some bone loss again. So I am back using a number of natural treatments that have been shown to be effective in reversing bone loss. And yes, I expect to find good results on my future dexa scans. We can build new bone - at any age.

No, I do not tell you exactly what I did or urge you to do the same. Why? The more I study this issue the more I am convinced that there are many different CAUSES of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. I am convinced that when we find the specific causes for our own bone loss and choose remedies that relate to those causes we are more likely to reverse this condition AND we will be able keep our bones strong as we age. This is one reason why I urge everyone to study Causes page early in their efforts to improve their bone density.

I know that many authors say: Do THIS and you will have stronger bones....and their system works for those whose bone loss respond to that particular treatment But those whose bone loss is due to other causes, may not have success. They need to find different treatments. That is why you will NOT FIND a 'one solution fits all' on this web site. Instead, I offer you information and the results from scientific research studies about CAUSES and OSTEOPENIA & OSTEOPOROSIS TREATMENTS

Research Because I am a college professor, I value research backed information. Also my college association gives me privy to International meetings and their papers. So everything on this site uses research studies AND if a particular treatment has now scientific data to back it up, I tell you that too.

I continue to read research the topics of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis - both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments. Why? I want to provide YOU with the latest science based information and research results.

The subject of reversing bone loss has become a personal cause for me - in part because of all the marketing hype I see. There are so many who say our product or our plan WILL reverse your bone loss. Few of these ads show research studies to back their claims.

Even fewer  note that there are different Causes of bone loss and that finding and addressing your own specific causes of your bone loss is the way to get permanent improvement.

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About Osteopenia3 finances Osteopenia and Osteoporosis have become big money makers in the health care industry. There are now web sites selling 'memberships' for accessing their information. Others sell their own DVD's or ebooks about reversing bone loss.

Here all information is FREE. I want to keep it that way - and yet I do need to finance the costs of the site and some of my time spent on it. I trust you can understand that.

I have written a financial disclosure page and I encourage you to read it by clicking on Financial disclosure page And in 2010 I added a donation button to the Navigation bar. I am very grateful to those readers who make donations.

About Osteopenia3 staff - people who helped in the beginning and others who continue to help.

Neither my proof reading nor spell check seems to catch all my typos and so I am very grateful to readers who have sent me notice of a correction that needs to be made eg. the url of the page that has the error and where on the page I have the error. I am always grateful.

I hope you find this site useful and that if you do, that you will recommend it's information to friends and relatives.

To learn more about what you can do to start helping yourself reverse your bone loss, go to Osteopenia Treatments

Thank you for your interest in learning About Osteopenia3 web site.

NOTE: This web site offers science based information, not medical advice. For medical advice you need to consult a licensed medical practitioner.

This web site offers science based information, not medical advice. For medical advice you need to consult a licensed medical practitioner.

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