Natural Osteopenia Treatments

Here are some Natural Osteopenia Treatments Some want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs. Others want to supplement their prescription drugs with other natural aids for increasing bone mass and avoiding fractures.

Now, we all know that marketing companies make all sorts of claims for products. And we know that some products do not work at all. You want solid information backed by scientific studies.That is what you will find here. Each of the Natural Osteopenia Treatments listed here includes background information and scientific research when it exists.


You will find to specific articles on this page. If you follow a link, you can get back here by clicking on your back button. A number of people have found this Natural Osteopenia Treatments page has so much information that they need to bookmark the page and return for a second or even a third visit.

  1. Preventing fractures: research has shown that those with Osteopenia are just as likely to suffer a fracture from a fall as someone with Osteoporosis who falls. So, our first suggestion is to take action to prevent fractures. See:

  2. Food. Your bones depend on nutrition and some foods increase bone density while others stimulate bone loss. So food is important for those using any the Natural Osteopenia Treatments
  3. First, Foods that increase bone loss.

    Second, let’s look at Foods that Increase Bone Density.

    Herbs for bone building and preventing fractures

    Other Natural Osteopenia Treatments include: A.Those from Traditional Chinese Medicine

    B. From India comes Amla, a traditional herb

    C. Exercise - a proven method to increase bone density and prevent fractures

    D. Natural Progesterone - does it work?

    E. Body Vibration machines- do they work? Using a Hypervest to increase bone density

    Fourth. Supplements

Not all treatments are listed here. Others can be found on Index Page: Natural Osteopenia Treatments .

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