HCL insufficiency

HCL insufficiency can affect affect the absorption of food and supplements. Hydrochloric acid plays an important rolein the first step of digestion because it creates an environment in which digestion can take place.

For some people this insufficiency can be a factor in the development of bone loss since if digestion is incomplete,bone building minerals are not able to be absorbed as they should.

Here are two terms:

  • achlorhydria - complete insufficiency
  • hypochlorihydria - partial or intermittent insufficiency

This condition often offers no obvious symptoms and they have no clue that this could be the cause of their Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. If you are doing 'all the right things' and still finding continued bone loss or no improvement in your dexa scan results, you might ask your health care provider aboutdoing HCl trial to determine if you have sufficient hydrochloric acid. This is a safe and relatively accurate way to discover your HCL status.

NOTE: If you find that you do have an insufficiency, you will probably be advised to take supplemental HCl. Short-term use may result in a return of normal acid production. But remember that long term use may result in reduced output of stomach acid and you need on-going advice from your health care provider as towhen you should stop supplementation

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