Best treatment osteopenia

Best treatment osteopenia.  Of course you want to know what is best. You want to reverse your Osteopenia as soon as possible AND you do not want your bone loss to progress to the more serious condition of Osteoporosis.

So what is best? The answer to this important question is: 'It depends ...'  I know that may sound like a 'cop out'. But it is true. The best treatment is the one that addresses the reason why you have suffered so much bone loss.

There are many causes of bone loss. You need to ask yourself which ones 

apply to you.  Why is this important?

Unless you address your individual causes of bone loss, you are unlikely to find a permanent solution to this problem.  So I suggest you read the page about Causes of Bone loss. Make a list of all that apply to you and then return to this page.               Go to: Causes of Bone loss  

OK. Now that you know the  causes of your bone loss, you have a decision to make. You can ignore those causes and just take a pharmeceutical drug that will rebuild bone. But remember that if those same causes continue, you are likely to lose bone again.  

You can see where I am going. Yes, treat your bone loss. But do consider making changes in your life so as to eliminate the Causes of your Bone Loss so you do not wind up with Osteopenia or Osteporosis again.

Now for the Best Osteopenia treatment

 Best treatment Osteopenia for you (after elminating your Causes of Bone loss) You have a choice to make:

1. Some consider pharmeceutical drugs as their Best Osteopenia treatment. Most of these drugs are approved for the more serious condition of Osteoprosis but some health care providers will prescribe them for Osteopenia. 

If you choose to take a pharmeceutical drug that can increase  bone density. Then you will want to read the pages on this site about these drugs. The pages not only give the names of  common drugs but also their side effects and the kinds of results that users of these drugs experience. 

Just remember that these drugs do not address the root cause of your Osteopeniaand it could return at a future date ...after you stop taking the drugs.

Click to read about:  Pharmeceutical Drugs  

2. There are also many who consider Natural Treatments as their Best Osteopenia treatment. I hope you will check these natural treatments out before you decide how you will start building new, stronger bones. 

Go to: Natural as Best Osteopenia treatment. 

I wish you all the best in your efforts to reverse your bone loss.  May this site help you find the Best treatment osteopenia, osteoporosis treatment for you. 

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