EFT stress reduction

EFT stress reduction.  Many people have found that  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) relieves stress. (Ideas for this page was submitted by Ruthi Backenroth, an EFT practitioner.)

Stress has been shown to cause a physiological reaction in the body that can have many adverse effects, including those leading to osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Then bone loss may lead to further stressors such as pain, restricted mobility, medical bills and depression. All this can create a feedback loop of more stress leading to worsening symptoms leading to more stress...... unless we find a solution.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a healing tool that uses age-old Chinese acupuncture techniques, but with tapping on the points rather than using needles, while talking or thinking about the issues that feel stressful. EFT can be useful to promote healing, relieve physical pain and negative emotions, and gain peace of mind.

It doesn't help everybody with all of his or her problems, but I have found very few people who don't feel more relaxed and peaceful after even one EFT session. People often experience relief of their pain as they drop their negative self-talk and see things in a brighter light.

EFT is a flexible, safe, effective, and easy to learn tool, which can serve as the ultimate stress buster to help stop your negative feedback loop. EFT is a very forgiving technique. You can't do it wrong and you can try it any time you want to feel good and better.

EFT stress reduction suggestions from Ruthi

There are many Internet sites (including mine) that will teach you how to do EFT. However for a small taste of the EFT experience try this:

  1. Tap with your fingertips alternating under your eye and your collarbone for about 7 taps each. While you tap say out loud, I'll be OK, I am OK a few times. Keep tapping and think about one thing that's troubling you, a specific pain, a specific verbal exchange that's on your mind, a specific bill you need to pay, etc. How are you feeling about that specific issue now?
  2. If you wake up at night and can't fall back to sleep, try tapping under your arm. Say I'll be OK, I am OK a few times. Keep tapping and think about one thing that troubling you, maybe I need to sleep, my legs hurt or I am worried about. Are you feeling more relaxed?

*I am not a doctor and EFT is neither medical intervention nor traditional therapy. IF YOU INTEND TO USE EFT, YOU MUST TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF WHILE APPLYING THIS TECHNIQUE.

If you want to read more about EFT or learn how to do it, Amazon offers a number of books on the topic:

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