Hip osteopenia , osteoporosis

Hip osteopenia is a significant issue since it can lead to Osteoporosis of the hip which makes hip fracture more likely.

In 2016 a study of hip fractures in the USA (California 2000 - 2011) concluded that "Hip fractures are a serious and life-changing event for an older person. Often after an initial hip fracture, a person cannot continue living independently and must undergo drastic lifestyle changes". 

In  addition, there is an association between hip fractures and an increase in mortality. The one year death rate after a hip fracture is estimated to be between 17 and 27 %! 

Seriousness of  hip osteopenia, osteoporosis

Think about that. Imagine a medical provider informing you that something could lead to about a 1 in 5 chance that you would die within a year. Would you just sit there and say, "Oh, that is OK. I do not mind. I am not willing to make any changes that would reduce that risk?"  No? Then you will want to start NOW to reduce your liklihood of having a hip fracture.

Reducing the liklihood of hip fracture. (Do read this whole section as well as its linked pages if you want to reduce your liklihood of osteopenia, osteoporosis of the hips and future fractures.)

1.  First things first. Since falls are a prime cause of fractures, do practice balance exercises several times a week. Effective exercises will take 5 - 10 minutes  at most and some can be interwoven with your regular daily activites. Example: Practice standing on one leg when in line at the grocery store or while waiting for someone or something. Here is a link to some excellent balance exercises.

2. Next, understanding why you have Osteopenia is important. If you know why you have developed this condition, you are in a position to change these causes - thus preventing further bone loss & and your Hip Osteopenia becoming Hip Osteoporosis, a much more serious condition.) So, check out the Causes page, make a list of those that appy to you and then return here. Causes of bone loss.

3. OK. Now you know your personal causes of low hip bone density. With a little thought you can  figure out what changes to make in your life so as to eliminate those causes. AND you can speed an increase in hip bone density (and so minimize and even reverse your hip osteopenia, osteoporosis by doing some of the things on the rest of this page..

4. You will want to use some hip bone builders. One of the things I have done is use ankle weight when doing certain exercise moves known to increase hip bone density.  (Remember: what is important about using weights to increase bone density is that the weight needs to be increased on a regular basis since such an increase is necessary to stimulate your bone building cells.)

Here is a link to the exercises and you will find a link on that page to the same sort of ankle weights that I use. Read: Excercises to prevent, reverse hip osteopenia 

Final thoughts

Clearly hip fractures are a serious issue for older adults. One of the ways to prevent such fractures is to respond to any diagnosis of Hip Osteopenia immediately and with an eye to gaining greater bone density in your hip area.

Remember. There are a host of natural ways to reverse Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. I hope you will read them since many are simple to use.

Finally,  if your health care provider suggest using a pharmeceutical drug, you can learn more about all these drugs at Pharmeceutical drugs to reverse bone loss

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